My Top 12 Hans Zimmer Soundtracks for Writers

For those that live with me, there is one thing that is undeniably true: one day I will break my speakers by blasting Hans Zimmer too loudly.

Why?  Because it’s the perfect backdrop to writing (and life too). When did my obsessions begin?? Um….not sure but it’s been long enough I can’t remember when. So. I thought I’d share with you my favorite soundtracks by him and how to use them in your writing etc.

First up… *drumroll*


For when you would like to feel stressed out, or you need to work fast like something is coming to get you. (this movie is so stressful and just amazing. Great to watch on cold, windy nights.)

the Little Prince

When you are in a good mood. Or when your story is in a good mood. Maybe if  you are writing a sweet romance or a fun middle grade. (I love this movie and THE FOX. I LOVE THAT LITTLE RAGGEDY FOX.)

Black Hawk Down

I preferably listen to this late in the afternoon when the sun is shooting through my window and setting my laptop on fire (it gets HOT). Good for a serious mood, fights, sweat, blood, and tears. (Also, this is one of the best movies ever made. Watch it.)


Disclosure: I’ve never seen this movie. Also good for late afternoons and battles and far away places. (Pro tip: whatever you do, DON’T listen to it on shuffle!!! The songs flow right into the next and if you shuffle it up you will ruin EVERYTHING).


(Also one of the best movies ever and makes me cry). I find interstellar is a great way to start the morning as it slowly gets dramatic, so it’s not a total shock to your nerves. (Favorite song? “STAY”)

Man of Steel

Listening to it early in the morning is mood because DRAMATIC DRUMS. Great for any story with lots of drama, or if you need a lot of drama to stay focused and awake. (PS: I hate this movie).

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

ANGST. Feeling angsty? Is the story dark and dramatic? Then yes. (bonus tip: blast speakers for “Is She With You?” Play it. Right now. You’ll be happy I promise).

Prince of Egypt

*tears* Most beautiful soundtrack ever (also one of the best movies??) Soulful. Drama. Plagues. Etc. (If you don’t turn the volume all the way up for “the Plagues” WHO ARE YOU???)

Curse of the Black Pearl

If you want to hear the Pirates theme over and over again, this is the one for you, and also scare the bejeebies out of your neighbors as you blast the theme for the skeleton pirates.

Dead Man’s Chest

Upbeat, SO many good themes in here. Also, you get a six minute break when “the Kraken” comes on if you start doing an interpretive modern dance. But ONLY if you dance.

At World’s End

*cries* “It’s just a stupid pirate movie,” you say. “Why are you crying?” The real question is, why aren’t you?? The soundtrack ranks best out of the movies. End of story. (Pro tip: crank the volume for “Parley”)

Dark Phoenix

(Again, did not see movie). When this popped up new on spotify, I was like “MORE MUSIC FROM HANS ZIMMER” *slams play button*. This soundtrack packs a PUNCH. It starts off with drama and there are lots of eerie vocals too so MOODY.

Batman Begins

*tries to imitates vwoomp noise in beginning of soundtrack but sounds like a broken down car* MOODY MOODINESS. Great for sad stories, and dark stores, and the struggle against evil stories.

*drumroll* the end!!

But first, questions: What is your favorite soundtrack? What’s your favorite by Hans Zimmer? Do you prefer to write with music or without?


Header Photo by Yvette de Wit on Unsplash

4 responses to “My Top 12 Hans Zimmer Soundtracks for Writers”

  1. Favorite soundtrack is a hard question…. probably The Return of the King. But favorite by Hans Zimmer is even harder! A favorite song is 160 BPM 💕 and Up is Down!!


    Anyway At World’s End is literally my favorite film score in world history and One Day is my absolute favorite song ever.
    Fabulous post!


    1. YES YES. One Day is the best!! It gives me shivers

      Liked by 1 person

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