Here’s the scoop.

  • My favorite genre to write is high fantasy.
  • The past couple years I have been messing around with sci-fi.
  • I have some dystopian ideas too.
  • And I like poetry.

I’m currently working on a couple projects, minus whatever short stories or flash fiction I have on the side.

  • A high fantasy trilogy called The Green Crow.Β I am currently working on the first draft of the third book, The Red Dream.
  • A sci-fi short story called the Moor, which I am editing.




Hugh Gallagher is content to stay on the Athul Islands as a sailor. His past lurks behind him, but he tries to forget it. He tries to forget that his father abandoned him. He tries to forget the unnatural, white animals that his father breeders, and constantly ships to the Islands.

When a man named Contro arrives, he shakes the ground beneath Hugh. Contro knew his father and his secrets. He urges Hugh to set out and discover his past and uncover the secret reining above it all: a being called the White Creature.

Hugh must Β leave the shelter of the Islands and journey into the wilderness. His life will be risked, he will discover new lands and new enemies. The task will prove to encompass much more than himself. In this unfolding he will discover another question, one that he thought he had figured out long ago:

Who am I? And where do I belong?


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