June Wrap Up and Hello July

So it’s FINALLY SUMMER. Meaning it’s finally over 80 degrees and HOT. Summer means getting in your car after shopping for twenty minutes and not being able to breath because it feels like you entered a dragon’s belly, and your hands burn and sizzle on the steering wheel.

So where I live it is now officially summer.

I’m still kinda freaking out that’s it’s July because WHERE DID SUMMER GO???

But anyway, let’s take a look and see what even was the month of June before we get into the where did summer go despondency and the fact that craft stores already have fall stuff in and yes I want to go get pumpkins.

June was fun. I went to some flea markets and garage sales, my top find being this guy for $1. (He’s vintage and made in Japan)

If you look closely, you can see Mike Wazowski in the background.

My rewrite of Oh, Wonder Why the Sun Fell is going SUPER well. Though I’m not sure I should call it a rewrite, because the whole story has been overhauled and the plot is different and everything. Two of the characters are even siblings now to make things more complicated (because that’s what we writers are best at).

I’m planning to finish it by August, but if I don’t I can give myself to August 20th, because I just really want to finish it before the ballet company’s season starts up again. That way I can focus on editing stuff during the fall.

And *drum roll* here is a recap of June blog posts in case you missed them.


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And of course the most important of them all.


First HAPPY 4TH OF JULY *cannon fire and fireworks*

I know it’s not actually the 4th, but we’re close, and it would be more awkward for me to say it next week after it’s over, because then it’s too late to wish you happiness because the moment is passed.

That’s why we say “happy belated birthday.” Which in this case would be “happy belated birthday America.”

That’s why I’m saying it now.

I don’t have many plans for July, except staying alive, not getting eaten by misquotes (spoiler: I’m not winning), and enjoying summer while it lasts (and trying not to buy pumpkins).

What are YOU up to this July?



One response to “June Wrap Up and Hello July”

  1. That elephant is preetty :-)
    I’m glad your rewrite is doing well! Best of luck!


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