Meet the Book Blogger Tag

It’s time for the “Meet the Book Blogger Tag”!!!

*takes microphone*

So first off I would like to thank Jan at The Doodlecrafter and Zoe at Reading by Moonlight for tagging me (you guys are awesome!!)

First, some housekeeping:

The rules.

  • Nominated bloggers can nominate ten other bloggers
  • Use the same questions from the tag
  • Tag the original creator (Bibliomavens) and the blogger who tagged you (Zoe and Jan)

And second *drumroll* *fanfare* the questions. *dons monocle*

What is your all time favorite book character?

AHHHH. DON’T ASK ME THIS. *hides and flees to Greenland*

Ok, ok, ok. I’m gonna go with….Bilbo?? Boromir??? Pippin???

We’ll just say it’s someone from Middle Earth (totally cheated my way out of that).

If you were stranded on a desert island, which book would you take with you? (survival books do not count)

I’m gonna sound like a Lord of the Rings fanatic here (which I am) but I think I would take the Fellowship of the Ring, because it’s my favorite of the trilogy, and I feel like if I was stranded somewhere, I would need something comforting, because unless there’s a store of rum, it wouldn’t be much fun. The book is also really long.

I may take Little Dorrit because I’ve been wanting to read it again (and it’s a brick). I also have this big old biography of Charles Dickens I’ve been meaning to read, and a giant book on Vietnam…

Oi, I have too many books to read and they’re all too big *facepalms*

What is your most unpopular bookish opinion?

1st person is overrated.

There. I said it. Come and kill me now.

But here’s the thing: there is nothing wrong with 1st person, I just personally feel like you can get as in depth and personal with 3rd person as you can with 1st person; it’s just all about how it’s written. I will also say, that after reading a book, I rarely can remember if it was in 3rd person or 1st person. I just…draw a complete blank.

What’s your weirdest bookish habit?

I don’t….know??? I honestly can’t think of ANY bookish habits, which is odd because I very much am a person of habit. Um…let me think….um…

Gosh I DON’T KNOW. I give up (cheated my way out of that one too. Strike two).

What character would you bring to a family event as your fake partner?

Well, first off I don’t think my ruse of a fake partner would last very long because my family would just be like where the heck did this man come from??? But anyway.

Does James Herriot count? Or is he disqualified because he’s a real person???

Actually, I think I would bring Author Clennam (from Little Dorrit). He’s just….a nice person.

What made you decide to start a book blog?

The Fates decided it for me.

No, seriously though. I started blogging when I was like twelve or something (I honestly don’t remember), because that’s what the cool kids did. For years it was just a fun personal blog where I threw up thoughts and random life stories and rantings and sometimes stories and stuff.

Once I graduated high school, I started turning the blog into something more serious. I left the original name behind (good old Mundburg and Ink) (ha look there’s a Lord of the Rings reference again) and got a domain name and all that. Back then it was really about building a platform as an aspiring author but now….now I feel like I blog for the sake of blogging.

I got stuff to say, and I’m gonna say it.

But more than that. Writing stories is my true and dearest love, but I just love writing. Any type of writing (well, I don’t think I’d like writing a manual for a vacuum but you know what I mean). Blogging has given more another creative outlet, a way to challenge myself by having to churn out content.

What about reading and books do you love most?

What I love most?? Eesh, these questions are hard.

First off, I think why I love reading and why I love books is two separate answers. I love reading because I love stories, I love reading because I love learning about things. I love books because they’re cool. I like books the way a crow likes to collect shiny objects.

I could really write a whole blog about this, but we don’t have time for that right now.

What is your field of study/desired profession/current profession?

Ah, yes *ahem* we’ll go with the last one.

I have two current professions. One, I’m a dancer (being able to dance professional is such a gift, I just have to say), and am also a…handcrafter?? Small business owner?? I’m still not sure how to categorize this but WHATEVER. I currently run an Etsy shop full-time (woot woot!!) where I make handcrafted, one-of-a-kind miniature fairy dolls, dragons, and whatever other fantasy creatures spark my fancy. All about that can be found here.

Being a published author is currently my aspiring profession. And of course I’ve always wanted to be a swashbuckling pirate, but that’s a story for another day.

What are some recommendations that became your favorites/obsessions?

Hmm…(why is my brain drawing a blank to every question????? WAKE UP BRAIN). I think I might go with the Giver books. The first book was recommended to me years ago, and I devoured it one sitting ,and subsequently devoured the rest of the books.

What is the book you shove down everyone’s throat?

So, I don’t do a lot of “book down throat shoving” but….hmm. Yeah, I don’t know.

Sorry, lame answer. (Strike three)


And there you have it!!! I feel like a lot of people have already been tagged, but here goes:



Eleanor J

And anyone else who hasn’t been tagged yet and feels left out!

P.S I do not believe there will be a Saturday Morning Post this weekend (cause of Holy Week and all that). So I’ll see ya’ll in April!

10 responses to “Meet the Book Blogger Tag”

  1. Still have never seen or read LOTR

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Always been one of my favorites!


  2. Jan @ thedoodlecrafter Avatar
    Jan @ thedoodlecrafter

    I totally understand wanting to put LOTR to every one of these!!! Haha those books pull you in so much you feel the hangover when you stop reading suddenly. Ooh the Giver quartet is so nice!! I’ve read all four but can remember what happened clearly only in the first book. Thanks for doing the tag!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The LOTR hangover is real XD

      Liked by 1 person

  3. First of all, thank you so much for the tag! I’m really excited to do this one!

    I would also totally take LOTR to a desert island! (I think? I’ll have to think harder about this when I do the tag. XD) but also I see your Pirates of the Caribbean reference! *satisfied chuckle*

    James Herriot would be amazing to bring as a fake partner! XD

    I had no idea you danced professionally! That’s so cool!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *high fives for getting the Pirates of the Caribbean reference* Can’t wait to read your answers!


  4. It was so much fun reading your answers to this tag!

    I love all your answers for favourite character. Pippin is definitely one of mine! And yes to first person being overrated! I honestly can’t stand it. Mostly because I don’t like being right in someone’s head for 300 pages, I get bored. I am far more likely to pick up and enjoy a 3rd person POV than a 1st person. – Amber

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!! I love Pippin so much! I don’t think I’ve ever known someone who agrees with me on first person XD

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks for the tag!
    Hahaha I relate too much to having no idea how to answer questions xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You have my permission to cheat your way out of them XD

      Liked by 1 person

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