Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 15

So I just found out about fiction ghostwriting this week…and I’m kinda weirded out?

I understand ghostwriting for nonfiction. A lot of people with personal stories are necessarily writers, and need someone to work with them and yada yada yada.

But fiction?

I guess my question would be how much does the non writer put into the story? Is it just, “I have this concept of aliens kidnapping George Washington and Lafayette joins ranks with the Martians to save him.” OR, is it just they need help with the prose and like nitty gritty stuff like, “this is how to write a good fight scene” or “you need more with this character arc”

I don’t know. But I have questions that need to be answered. 

I started to finish my draft of Michigan Triangle (last year’s NaNo novel). I am happy to say I can still write 2k words in an hour (that’s what I did in November, but I wasn’t sure if it was just NaNoWriMo magic) I’m REALLY close to being done, even though I planned it might take a month or two to finish (why I thought this, we don’t know). 

Which the thing is, I wrote 50,000 words of it for NaNo, and I think it might end up around 65,000 (and I’m already at 60k). (I KNOW. It’s so SHORT. I’m an UndERwRIteR ok?). I really should have foreseen this, because at the end of NaNo, I just felt like I was past the climax and coming up on the final show down. 

Oh well. I’ll just add in more later. Like I usually have to do. 

Here’s a little snippet: (They’re faking that their car is stalling. It’s a long story.  Though the car stalling is fake, I don’t think Henry’s snark is)

 “Yeah, city slicker subway rider,” Henry mumbled. “You got a light?”
  He looked over his shoulder and Owen started rummaging through his pockets. He pulled out a lighter.
  Henry sighed and rolled his eyes.
“A flashlight,” he said, louder and clearer. “What am I going to do with that, set the engine on fire?”

There’s also random references to Indiana Jones, snow, snow, and more snow, and MURDER an MAGIC. Oh and snakes (hence the Indiana Jones thing).

Anyway I’m really excited about it, but I more excited to have a draft finished so I can kinda forget about it and get back to editing Lily, and Michigan Triangle can take its place in the queue to get editing (the queue is: Silver, Lily, Oh Wonder Why the Sun Fell, Michigan Triangle. That’s three too many I HAVE A PROBLEM)

oh OH. We (the fam) watched You Got Mail this week (or last weekend. Honestly I can’t remember) and all that typing on 90’s computer made me miss. computer. keyboards.

Not the thin laptop keyboards that I’m typing on now, but the deep, clunky computer keyboards that clacked so loud and deep, punched, punched down on the letters as I typed away as a kid on my mom’s computer, as the summer evening grew darker and stormy.

Anywho. Fun times.

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