Saturday Morning Post, Vol 10

Hello from day 552 of quarantine: I have so far set the stove on fire and made a terribly under-proved bread. I live only in sweatpants.

I woke up to snow the other morning, which was horrific, but thankfully I had the sun on my side and it melted all of it. Honestly this whole shelter-in-place would be a heck of a lot easier if it was like 75 degrees and I could sit out on the porch without getting hypothermia, or take a walk without feeling like I am trekking through some desolate wasteland on a perilous quest.

I’ve done a fair amount of writing. Editing Lily has been like pulling teeth, yet I am pleased with and don’t hate it and don’t feel like tossing it across the room. Yet. I  also may or may not have started writing a new story (shhhhh. It’s a ridiculous disaster and we’re not going to talk about it).

I was going to be querying Silver right now but then a pandemic hit planet earth and shattered all my grand plans. Thanks. *shakes fist at germs*

And that’s the thing: I WANT to write (my brain is going bing! bing! bing! with ideas), but then again my brain is going bing! bing! bing! unable to concentrate on anything and I’ve basically turned in a dog. I want to walk, eat, and sleep. Honestly a game of fetch doesn’t sound so bad right now.

On the reading on of things, I’m about halfway through the Silmarillion, and wow, Luthien is such a bad***. I mean she took down Sauron AND Morgoth by….singing. Also there are werewolves and Sauron disguised himself as vampire. I NEED ANSWERS.

I also watched Maleficent: Mistress of Evil this week (I’m honestly not sure why the heck it’s called that. Like – she’s not evil in the movie????? Just kinda angry????). I think I’m gonna have a post coming up on it. And Ant Man. Stay tuned.

Anywho, that’s all for now folks.


3 responses to “Saturday Morning Post, Vol 10”

  1. I eagerly look forward to your review of Maleficent 😁


  2. Oh man, I’ve been there before where I really want to write but my brain can’t concentrate on anything for more than five seconds >_< It's the worst…

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