Villains: Why Not Just Plain Evil?

As I started writing my Beowulf retelling back in October, I had a question about one of my antagonists. "Can't he just be a plain, evil villain? Like, he was never a good guy just always evil? Just be an evil being?" And I decided: Why not? Now, I have other antagonists, those of whom … Continue reading Villains: Why Not Just Plain Evil?

A Word on Villains

Lately my posts have been all about the laughs (well, mostly at least). But...I have this's been bugging me...and I am fresh out of this month's "ideas for blog posts" (If you have any, send them over). *takes deep breath* (prepare for a rant guys) I feel like writers have been getting villains wrong … Continue reading A Word on Villains

On Heroes and Villains

I recently read an article about writing villains. It said something interesting about them, about why they are so important. The article said that without the villain, the hero is nothing. The conflict that the villain creates makes the hero interesting. Heroes are predictable and boring when circumstances are regular. The hero's chance to shine … Continue reading On Heroes and Villains