Not, gonna lie, I kinda don't want to see August go. Summer is ending??? What??? We barely got any of it!!! And also all the months were turning into mush, so it feels weird that were actually moving in fall, instead of staying in this weird stalemate which the past few months have felt like. … Continue reading Goodbye August HULLO SEPTEMBER

I’m Querying?? Yes. Yes, it’s finally happening.

I took the plunge. I am now querying HER NAME WAS A GHOST (Aka, Silver) *screams* *buries face in pillow* *screams more* *runs around* *blow horns* *bangs pots and pans* *sits down spaced out wondering what the heck is happening* To repeat that again: I am now querying literary agents. For this past like YEAR … Continue reading I’m Querying?? Yes. Yes, it’s finally happening.

Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 22

(I must issue my apologies for not posting last Saturday. My brain was going to implode, and I had nothing to say but scream in you faces gibberish such as, "AFHGJLLK" So, I didn't. If you've got nothing nice to say, don't say nothing at all.) Have'd some adventure recently. Kayaking, more drive-ins ("Where have … Continue reading Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 22