Second Draft Done and Shut in the Drawer. and now…?

I think this might be the draft (2nd draft) I'm most proud of. My draft of Oh, Wonder Why the Sun Fell is finished (also titledΒ The Time I Accidentally Wrote a Steampunk Fantasy). (I wrote a little about my 1st draft of this here.) Not because I think it's the best I've written (the last … Continue reading Second Draft Done and Shut in the Drawer. and now…?

Nanowrimo: the Aftermath

Um. Hi. Nanowrimo is over and well - I did not succeed *bum da tisss* I ended at 34,000 (which is better than last year). What did I write? Could I have done anything better? Am I still alive? (answer: debatable). What was the novel that I worked on? Well -Β  it's a fantasy novel … Continue reading Nanowrimo: the Aftermath

Nanowrimo 2017

It's BACK! NANOWRIMO IS BACK!!! Nanowrimo is "National Novel Writing Month" which is in November. It's a challenge hosted by Nanowrimo to write 50,000 words (a novel) in the month of November (that averages out as 1,667 words a day). Writers scream, pull their hair out, and turn into raging word monsters (or so I've … Continue reading Nanowrimo 2017