Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 48

Sometimes clichés are true. That writers are hermits who don't get enough sun. Cause apparently I have a Vitamin D deficiency (pause: please don't worry, everything is being taken care of and I am fine). My doctor said, "We don't want you getting rickets." Ah, yes, rickets. I could get rickets like a poor child … Continue reading Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 48

Tips to Write Faster for Nanowrimo

NANOWRIMO IS UPON US!! *writers flee to their keyboards in panic* This is my third year doing Nanowrimo. Hopefully this year I will actually succeed. (November is one of the busiest months of the year for me. Couldn't this be done in January or something?? Read about last year's episode.) And while I may not … Continue reading Tips to Write Faster for Nanowrimo

6 Ways to Blow the Ending of Your Book

Beginning your novel can be one of the most challenging moments of your life (repeated over again and over again). Ending your novel however....there is always that gleeful moment when you get to pound out the words THE END. But the ending of your book is more complicated. It will make it or break it. Readers can … Continue reading 6 Ways to Blow the Ending of Your Book

Nanowrimo: the Aftermath

Um. Hi. Nanowrimo is over and well - I did not succeed *bum da tisss* I ended at 34,000 (which is better than last year). What did I write? Could I have done anything better? Am I still alive? (answer: debatable). What was the novel that I worked on? Well -  it's a fantasy novel … Continue reading Nanowrimo: the Aftermath

Plotters VS. Pantsters: the Great War

Plotters and Pantster. Those are the two kinds of writers. I'm a pantster. (Well,  I'm a hybrid. A lot of times it just depends on what I'm working on. But generally I'm a pantster). (am I spelling pantster right?? I hope so). Plotters plot the story before they write it, and Pantsters just take a … Continue reading Plotters VS. Pantsters: the Great War

Food for Thought

I feel like...ranting a little bit. Done a lot of thoughtful, helpful (hopefully) posts lately. All about writing and what not. But some little things have been poking their heads up. Just little things that as write drive me banana-balls (that was for my sister). So, here they are: 1: "He howled in pain." "As … Continue reading Food for Thought

Character Backgrounds: Yes or No?

There are heaps of articles, lists of questions, charts and what not, all for the purpose of developing characters. Next to plot (or before plot. That's another discussion) the characters are the most important part of a novel. So, it seems they should be given special attention. But how much? Is the 100 facts questioner, … Continue reading Character Backgrounds: Yes or No?