Nanowrimo 2018 – A Dumpster Fire what even happened????(in other words, I did not win)I originally was not going to do Nanowrimo this year, because the last three months of 2018 were going to be crazier than usual, and I wouldn't have time for it.But then October rolled around - that scent of Autumn and running around in windy weather … Continue reading Nanowrimo 2018 – A Dumpster Fire

5 Ways to Add Spice to a Scene

Is a scene in your novel tasting flavorless? Does it just turn to ash in your mouth? You might need more seasoning or you might be a cursed pirate (in which case go find some lost Aztec gold). Besides the usual ingredients (salt, pepper, garlic powder, etc.), you might find that you need some different … Continue reading 5 Ways to Add Spice to a Scene

Opening with Dream Sequences

You're opening chapter one. The scene is enthralling, it's coming to the climax when the character screams in horror and suddenly - They wake up. *reader groans, closes book, and puts it back on the shelf* You, the reader, feel cheated. No one likes to feel cheated. But is opening your book with a dream … Continue reading Opening with Dream Sequences

Rewriting Old Stories

Lately I've been revisiting some old stories ideas.... For Nanowrimo (2017) I picked up a very, very, very, very old piece that was around before the asteroid hit and killed all the dinos (meaning when I was 14). That was a fantasy novel called Oh, Wonder Why the Sun Fell. I then picked up Raptor … Continue reading Rewriting Old Stories

The REAL question: 1st Person or 3rd?

(I GOT A NEW iPHONE GUYS!!! ) Ignore the above. It's completely irrelevant. So. 1st Person or 3rd??? I tend to write in 3rd person myself (not omniscient though.) Though sometimes I'll write 1st. But usually I'll write so deep into 3rd person that I'll forget which I'm writing and accidentally start writing in 1st.... … Continue reading The REAL question: 1st Person or 3rd?

Should You Set a Daily Word Count Goal?

We like to get stuff done. Nothing better than checking something off a list, shutting a computer with everything finished, or collapsing on the couch after getting all that stuff you needed to get done, done. Writers like to know that they are finished for the day. The edits that needed to be made were … Continue reading Should You Set a Daily Word Count Goal?

When you read the first draft

You write the infamous word THE END. Your first draft is done. Maybe it took a year. Maybe you knocked it out in a week. Either way, it's a great feeling to see your work finished TIME TO PARTY!!!!!  Well - there's one, tiny, tiny thing. You still have to edit. *sighs heavily and crawls … Continue reading When you read the first draft

How to not lose your mind while editing

Editing a novel. How shall I describe it? Editing is like polishing silver, except with a blindfold, and the blindfold is on fire, and you are banging your head against a wall trying to put the flames out while still polishing the silver.   But it's all worth it. I promise. (I really, really, really … Continue reading How to not lose your mind while editing