September Wrap Up (aka NaNoWriMo is almost upon us)

IT'S OCTOBER. YAY FALL. *flings bats and leaves in the air* *catches the bats before they fall because if they fall on the ground they can't fly up again and they die* It's October which means pumpkins and flannels and tea and pumpkins and leather jackets and adventures and moodiness and *really should stop talking … Continue reading September Wrap Up (aka NaNoWriMo is almost upon us)

Saturday Morning Post Vol. 32

Let me tell you a story about a writer endlessly wandering her neighborhood. It's the height of the lockdown. April 59th. (Or was it March 33rd?). I feel like I remembering it being warm so it could by May 41st. But I can remember when the lockdown began but not when it actually ended … Continue reading Saturday Morning Post Vol. 32


Not, gonna lie, I kinda don't want to see August go. Summer is ending??? What??? We barely got any of it!!! And also all the months were turning into mush, so it feels weird that were actually moving in fall, instead of staying in this weird stalemate which the past few months have felt like. … Continue reading Goodbye August HULLO SEPTEMBER