Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 59

It's a clear morning, and it's cool. There are no clouds in the sky, except for thin ones low on the horizon, sitting behind the trees like mist. A crow calls. Bugs hum and chirp in the branches, making the air vibrate with sound, a reminder that it is in fact still summer, though it … Continue reading Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 59

Guess Who Forgot to Write a Blog

*ahem* SOMEONE forgot to prepare a blog post for the 1st of May (and the whole rest of May), because I took Holy Week off which threw everything off, and now I'm in the middle of tech week for Sleeping Beauty (the ballet, in which I get to be a scary minion of Carabosse and … Continue reading Guess Who Forgot to Write a Blog

7 Years, 7 Facts

Today is a special day. Seven years ago, I started blogging on WordPress. (And no, we will not be reviewing by first blog post ever.) (No. I put my foot down). Instead, to celebrate I'm going to share 7 facts about me for my seven years blogging. Fact ONE I've been drinking coffee for only … Continue reading 7 Years, 7 Facts

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas has been great, let's hope 2017 has some good times in store. I will be starting some new things in January. I will be charging full-speed ahead for June. I plan to have a first draft of the Red Dream completed by then. With that I want to introduce the Green Crow Trilogy's (Yes, … Continue reading Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hey Guys…I’m Still Alive

So I haven't posted in about three weeks. I got a job and have been working on Sundays. With this new schedule, Tuesday may become my new posting day. I am also redesigning my blog, for at least the five millionth time. This time I blame my sister, who just redid hers. Looks fabulous. Here's … Continue reading Hey Guys…I’m Still Alive