Ice that cake, baby

(What??!! A non Saturday Morning Post on Saturday??? What happened?? So, so many things. Just get over it.) Ah. It’s good to be back. *I lean back sipping my London fog and wondering who I am because whenever I go anywhere I always order a chai tea latte but what the heck* I once more … Continue reading Ice that cake, baby

not creating can be draining too

Hello all. My attempt to get back into a regular blogging schedule did not....go exactly how I wanted it to. But!! I got my first Covid vaccine last week so that's cool. And I didn't grow an extra head or anything. It's May, but here in Ohio it's still freaking cold (ok, ok, ok. It's … Continue reading not creating can be draining too

Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 34

In the last week or so, I've taken to sitting on the porch in the morning, writing in my notebook. I'm really digging sitting out when the light is still grey, some rain pattering down. The weather has been LOVELY this fall in good old Ohio ("find it here" WHAT ARE WE FINDING HERE??? Cheese … Continue reading Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 34