Don’t Have Excess Characters

Make sure you don't have characters that are wasting everybody's time and oxygen.Β  What I mean is - sometimes characters are put in because they feel necessary. Such as: Your MC: People have friends, right? Let's give them a friend. At school: There are always bullies, right? Here's a bully. At home: They have neighbors, … Continue reading Don’t Have Excess Characters

Characters Mistakes: Don’t Make Them Idiots

My family is now hooked on the Once Upon a Time television series. The past week we have been staying up till 2:00 am. We're on season 2. SoΒ much bad acting (a lot of good acting too.), a lot of bad costumes, and a lot of bad CGI (and flying trash bags. Oh, you mean … Continue reading Characters Mistakes: Don’t Make Them Idiots