Things that Drive Me Crazy in Books

I did something similar to this called Writerly Rants, but it was so far back in the archives that I'm not going to bring it up. No, we do not go down that rabbit hole.Β  HOWEVER. I do have some things to say. Things that make me go as mad as a March Hare in … Continue reading Things that Drive Me Crazy in Books

How to Celebrate When You Finish Your First Draft

Summertime is the time to PARTY. (And by party I mean going to the mountains and finding somewhere quiet where you can finish your book.) And speaking of parties...(I apologize to all the introverts. I realize talking about parties is illegal.) Finishing your first draft can be very exciting. Whether it's after 30 hysterically frantic … Continue reading How to Celebrate When You Finish Your First Draft

What to Buy that Writer in Your Life for Christmas

It's near the end of November, which means it's almost December, which means it's almost Advent and Christmas is not far off I'm REALLY NOT trying to stress you out here. If you're like me, you have started to think about Christmas presents (well, I've started thinking about them back in August so whatever). Like … Continue reading What to Buy that Writer in Your Life for Christmas

Writerly Rants: Part 2

Remember that rant I posted a several weeks ago? Well...there's more to it. (Some of these are not particular to written fiction. Some of these things are in movies that drive me banana balls). *enter rant* 1: Stuttering Yes, people stutter when they talk. So yes, you should put stuttering into your dialogue. it … Continue reading Writerly Rants: Part 2

Writing Battles (besides stabbing)

There are a surplus of articles and blogs on how to write a great fight scene. I thought about doing one myself...(I believe writing fight scenes is one of my superpowers). But then I remembered another kind a fight. A fight that's like, a lot bigger? Battle. That's the word. A full blown battle between … Continue reading Writing Battles (besides stabbing)

Food for Thought

I feel like...ranting a little bit. Done a lot of thoughtful, helpful (hopefully) posts lately. All about writing and what not. But some little things have been poking their heads up. Just little things that as write drive me banana-balls (that was for my sister). So, here they are: 1: "He howled in pain." "As … Continue reading Food for Thought