How to Find inspiration (without banging your head on a brick wall)

Everyone knows that if you wait till you have inspiration to write you will never write anything, etc. etc. Blah, blah, blah. *ahem* This is all true but that's not what we are talking about today. So, shove that all aside please. Today we are talking about finding "inspiration" which is also entitled "how to … Continue reading How to Find inspiration (without banging your head on a brick wall)

Don’t Have Excess Characters

Make sure you don't have characters that are wasting everybody's time and taking up oxygen.  What I mean is - sometimes characters are put in because they feel necessary. Such as: Your MC: people have friends, right? Let's give them a friend. At School: there are always bullies, right? Here's a bully. At home: They … Continue reading Don’t Have Excess Characters

Is Writing Easy? Does it Matter?

I don't like questions like this. It's similar to asking if pointe shoes hurt. Well....I mean I am balancing my whole body weight on my toes, it doesn't exactly feel like fluffy pillows. (I do understand why people ask this question, but it was the only similarity I could think of). So is writing difficult? … Continue reading Is Writing Easy? Does it Matter?

Opening with Dream Sequences

You're opening chapter one. The scene is enthralling, it's coming to the climax when the character screams in horror and suddenly - They wake up. *reader groans, closes book, and puts it back on the shelf* You, the reader, feel cheated. No one likes to feel cheated. But is opening your book with a dream … Continue reading Opening with Dream Sequences

Rewriting Old Stories

Lately I've been revisiting some old stories ideas.... For Nanowrimo (2017) I picked up a very, very, very, very old piece that was around before the asteroid hit and killed all the dinos (meaning when I was 14). That was a fantasy novel called Oh, Wonder Why the Sun Fell. I then picked up Raptor … Continue reading Rewriting Old Stories

How Much Backstory is Too Much?

Backstory. The story before the story. Every character has it - but how much do you need of it? There are TONS of stuff on developing characters backgrounds....I am to divide character backstory into two schools of thought: What the readers needs What the writer needs We'll start with what the Reader needs. ONLY WHAT'S … Continue reading How Much Backstory is Too Much?

How do I Make Time to Write??

"How do I make time to write?" a common question. And it has a very simple answer. YOU MAKE THE TIME.  No really. That is what it all ultimately boils down to. If you want to write, then you have to make time to do it.  But fine here are some tips on how to do … Continue reading How do I Make Time to Write??

Stages of Writing a 2nd Draft (as told by gifs)

So. You have finished your first draft. HIP HIP HORRAY!! Good for you! *pat on back* So you have your beautiful, gleaming - confusing, junk filled, messy, first draft. Time to fix it and write the 2nd draft. And now I present to you an illustrated guide to the stages of writing your 2nd draft, … Continue reading Stages of Writing a 2nd Draft (as told by gifs)

The REAL question: 1st Person or 3rd?

(I GOT A NEW iPHONE GUYS!!! ) Ignore the above. It's completely irrelevant. So. 1st Person or 3rd??? I tend to write in 3rd person myself (not omniscient though.) Though sometimes I'll write 1st. But usually I'll write so deep into 3rd person that I'll forget which I'm writing and accidentally start writing in 1st.... … Continue reading The REAL question: 1st Person or 3rd?

Sometimes the Best You Can Do is “Delete”

Most little girls sit in their princess costumes, watching princess movies,  singing along and wishing that they were a princess too. And though I did enjoy watching the dashing prince slay the dragon, I was also watching something else.  I was the little girl watching Agony and the Ecstasy, aspiring to be the next Michelangelo. … Continue reading Sometimes the Best You Can Do is “Delete”