Your Writing Area is More Important than You Think

I think most writers have a "spot" where they get their writing done. Maybe an office. Maybe a bedroom. Maybe on the couch in the family room. Maybe in the east wing of a magical palace (if so...share the love and let me move in?????) This "spot" is important. It's where you will construct a … Continue reading Your Writing Area is More Important than You Think

Editing Pains

So I started editing the brick/beast/giantstackofpapersthatismynovelandortrilogyIDK. The Green Crow, I mean, ahem. I kinda feel like I actually have no idea what I'm doing and I'm just wondering where that handbook for "an easy way  to edit your novel" is...Library maybe? JK  I don't think it exists. Anyway. The editing has begun and there is … Continue reading Editing Pains

How I Wrote a Novel in Three Months

This post is kinda a lie and I'm totally cheating by using that title to drag you in here. But hear me out. I did write a novel in three months, my newly finished urban fantasy Silver. It's 63,000 words, but 27,000 of those I wrote during November for Nanowrimo when I was going at … Continue reading How I Wrote a Novel in Three Months

A Word on Villains

Lately my posts have been all about the laughs (well, mostly at least). But...I have this's been bugging me...and I am fresh out of this month's "ideas for blog posts" (If you have any, send them over). *takes deep breath* (prepare for a rant guys) I feel like writers have been getting villains wrong … Continue reading A Word on Villains

Things I Didn’t Know About Writing Fantasy

I write mostly fantasy. *notices piles of sci-fi manuscripts* *notices piles of old horse stories from my younger days.*(let's try this again). I write fantasy, among other things. There's a lot to learn about the genre, world building and all that glam. My beginnings with writing it were a bit...rough? Cliche? To continue last week's … Continue reading Things I Didn’t Know About Writing Fantasy

Things I Didn’t Know When I Started Writing

I have been a writing since....*grabs calculator* basically since forever, but I didn't get "serious" till I was about eight. By "serious" I mean I wanted to be a writer, and I wrote nearly every day. And like most writers that age....I winged it. For the next like, 7 years. *Disclaimer: I wasn't on on … Continue reading Things I Didn’t Know When I Started Writing

When the Plot Bunnies Don’t Show Up

Plot bunnies. You either love them or you hate them. The problem is, they tend to come at inopportune times. (such as sleeping or during Zumba class). But when you need them, most often they are no where to be seen. Don't give up hope! Not all is lost. When the bunnies seemed to have … Continue reading When the Plot Bunnies Don’t Show Up

So You Want to Be a Writer…

So you've decided that you want to be a writer. The career path of a wizened old hermit surrounded with stacks of paper and empty coffee mugs is the one for you. All you must do now, is sign on the dotted line. Oh wait! You haven't read the terms and conditions? Here, you'd better … Continue reading So You Want to Be a Writer…


*WARNING: SUPER SHINY THINGS AHEAD* Aesthetics are awesome because everyone likes pretty things (You don't? Get help). Aesthetics are even awesomer when telling a story. The Green Crows Trilogy. We'll start with characters today. *Disclaimer: I own none of these photos. They are photos from Pinterest. Applause to the creators* Main Character: Hugh Varden Gallagher (A.K.A … Continue reading Aesthetics

7 Years, 7 Facts

Today is a special day. Seven years ago, I started blogging on WordPress. (And no, we will not be reviewing by first blog post ever.) (No. I put my foot down). Instead, to celebrate I'm going to share 7 facts about me for my seven years blogging. Fact ONE I've been drinking coffee for only … Continue reading 7 Years, 7 Facts