Nanowrimo: the Aftermath

Um. Hi. Nanowrimo is over and well - I did not succeed *bum da tisss* I ended at 34,000 (which is better than last year). What did I write? Could I have done anything better? Am I still alive? (answer: debatable). What was the novel that I worked on? Well -  it's a fantasy novel … Continue reading Nanowrimo: the Aftermath

When you read the first draft

You write the infamous word THE END. Your first draft is done. Maybe it took a year. Maybe you knocked it out in a week. Either way, it's a great feeling to see your work finished TIME TO PARTY!!!!!  Well - there's one, tiny, tiny thing. You still have to edit. *sighs heavily and crawls … Continue reading When you read the first draft

How to not lose your mind while editing

Editing a novel. How shall I describe it? Editing is like polishing silver, except with a blindfold, and the blindfold is on fire, and you are banging your head against a wall trying to put the flames out while still polishing the silver.   But it's all worth it. I promise. (I really, really, really … Continue reading How to not lose your mind while editing

Nanowrimo 2017

It's BACK! NANOWRIMO IS BACK!!! Nanowrimo is "National Novel Writing Month" which is in November. It's a challenge hosted by Nanowrimo to write 50,000 words (a novel) in the month of November (that averages out as 1,667 words a day). Writers scream, pull their hair out, and turn into raging word monsters (or so I've … Continue reading Nanowrimo 2017

5 things to do when you don’t connect with your characters

Characters. Our novels would be nothing without them, just a bunch of trees and abandoned neighborhoods and castles. There would be no plot and hence no story and hence no novel. We need characters. But more importantly we need fleshed out, amazing, multi-dimensional characters who jump off the page with pzazz and splendor. Yeah. That's … Continue reading 5 things to do when you don’t connect with your characters

Plotters VS. Pantsters: the Great War

Plotters and Pantster. Those are the two kinds of writers. I'm a pantster. (Well,  I'm a hybrid. A lot of times it just depends on what I'm working on. But generally I'm a pantster). (am I spelling pantster right?? I hope so). Plotters plot the story before they write it, and Pantsters just take a … Continue reading Plotters VS. Pantsters: the Great War

Novel Excerpt: Silver

Here we go *takes deep breath* This is an excerpt from my urban fantasy novel Silver. (click here for aesthetic pinterest board). Enjoy! (Please note I retain all rights to this. Don't be a jerk and steal it). Chapter Two   “I’m sorry Jen, but work just called in. They uh…there’s an emergency-I mean a … Continue reading Novel Excerpt: Silver