Villains: Why Not Just Plain Evil?

As I started writing my Beowulf retelling back in October, I had a question about one of my antagonists. "Can't he just be a plain, evil villain? Like, he was never a good guy just always evil? Just be an evil being?" And I decided: Why not? Now, I have other antagonists, those of whom … Continue reading Villains: Why Not Just Plain Evil?

Should You Write in Other Genres?

Note: I am not talking about publishing in other genres. That's something different that a lot of hoo-hahs get to talk about because I'm not quite there yet. The first story I ever wrote was a horse story (what else does a six year old who collects breyer horses write about may I ask?) May … Continue reading Should You Write in Other Genres?

Nanowrimo: the Aftermath

Um. Hi. Nanowrimo is over and well - I did not succeed *bum da tisss* I ended at 34,000 (which is better than last year). What did I write? Could I have done anything better? Am I still alive? (answer: debatable). What was the novel that I worked on? Well -Β  it's a fantasy novel … Continue reading Nanowrimo: the Aftermath

Editing Pains

So I started editing the brick/beast/giantstackofpapersthatismynovelandortrilogyIDK. The Green Crow, I mean, ahem. I kinda feel like I actually have no idea what I'm doing and I'm just wondering where that handbook for "an easy way Β to edit your novel" is...Library maybe? JK Β I don't think it exists. Anyway. The editing has begun and there is … Continue reading Editing Pains

A Word on Villains

Lately my posts have been all about the laughs (well, mostly at least). But...I have this's been bugging me...and I am fresh out of this month's "ideas for blog posts" (If you have any, send them over). *takes deep breath* (prepare for a rant guys) I feel like writers have been getting villains wrong … Continue reading A Word on Villains

Things I Didn’t Know About Writing Fantasy

I write mostly fantasy. *notices piles of sci-fi manuscripts* *notices piles of old horse stories from my younger days.*(let's try this again). I write fantasy, among other things. There's a lot to learn about the genre, world building and all that glam. My beginnings with writing it were a bit...rough? Cliche? To continue last week's … Continue reading Things I Didn’t Know About Writing Fantasy