5 things to do when you don’t connect with your characters

Characters. Our novels would be nothing without them, just a bunch of trees and abandoned neighborhoods and castles. There would be no plot and hence no story and hence no novel. We need characters. But more importantly we need fleshed out, amazing, multi-dimensional characters who jump off the page with pzazz and splendor. Yeah. That's … Continue reading 5 things to do when you don’t connect with your characters

Plotters VS. Pantsters: the Great War

Plotters and Pantster. Those are the two kinds of writers. I'm a pantster. (Well, ย I'm a hybrid. A lot of times it just depends on what I'm working on. But generally I'm a pantster). (am I spelling pantster right?? I hope so). Plotters plot the story before they write it, and Pantsters just take a … Continue reading Plotters VS. Pantsters: the Great War

The Strong Female Character NO ONE TALKS ABOUT.

Quick rant today guys. Everyone likes to talk about female characters and how to properly write them. I've stayed out of the conversation because honestly I'm sick of it. It's a constant back and forth of is she strong enough, is she feminine enough, is she too feminine, is she too pretty or too ugly. … Continue reading The Strong Female Character NO ONE TALKS ABOUT.

A Word on Villains

Lately my posts have been all about the laughs (well, mostly at least). But...I have this thought...it's been bugging me...and I am fresh out of this month's "ideas for blog posts" (If you have any, send them over). *takes deep breath* (prepare for a rant guys) I feel like writers have been getting villains wrong … Continue reading A Word on Villains


*WARNING: SUPER SHINY THINGS AHEAD* Aesthetics are awesome because everyone likes pretty things (You don't? Get help). Aesthetics are even awesomer when telling a story...my story. Theย Green Crows Trilogy.ย We'll start with characters today. *Disclaimer: I own none of these photos. They are photos from Pinterest. Applause to the creators* Main Character: Hugh Varden Gallagher (A.K.A … Continue reading Aesthetics

Character Backgrounds: Yes or No?

There are heaps of articles, lists of questions, charts and what not, all for the purpose of developing characters. Next to plot (or before plot. That's another discussion) the characters are the most important part of a novel. So, it seems they should be given special attention. But how much? Is the 100 facts questioner, … Continue reading Character Backgrounds: Yes or No?