Vibe and Aesthetics Only (no plots allowed)

Writers get ideas for books in different ways. Sometimes plot comes first, sometimes characters, and sometimes....just vibes. I'm the third type. Vague character vibes, vague plot vibes....I could totally come up with a color palette but not a coherent plot. Plots come later. So I thought today I pull some pretty photos and just...vibe with … Continue reading Vibe and Aesthetics Only (no plots allowed)

Tips to Write Faster for Nanowrimo

NANOWRIMO IS UPON US!! *writers flee to their keyboards in panic* This is my third year doing Nanowrimo. Hopefully this year I will actually succeed. (November is one of the busiest months of the year for me. Couldn't this be done in January or something?? Read about last year's episode.) And while I may not … Continue reading Tips to Write Faster for Nanowrimo

Nanowrimo: the Aftermath

Um. Hi. Nanowrimo is over and well - I did not succeed *bum da tisss* I ended at 34,000 (which is better than last year). What did I write? Could I have done anything better? Am I still alive? (answer: debatable). What was the novel that I worked on? Well -ย  it's a fantasy novel … Continue reading Nanowrimo: the Aftermath


*WARNING: SUPER SHINY THINGS AHEAD* Aesthetics are awesome because everyone likes pretty things (You don't? Get help). Aesthetics are even awesomer when telling a story. Theย Green Crows Trilogy.ย We'll start with characters today. *Disclaimer: I own none of these photos. They are photos from Pinterest. Applause to the creators* Main Character: Hugh Varden Gallagher (A.K.A … Continue reading Aesthetics