Hey! I’m Alp.

I am an aspiring –

[Photo Credit to my dear friend Katie
[Photo Credit to my dear friend Katie
  • Writer
  • Dancer – ballet & modern
  • Etsy co-shop owner
  • And film maker

As a writer, I enjoy reading and just about any genre. The Lord of the Rings and anything related is my long-time favorite. I also enjoy Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Michael D O’Brien, books on the World Wars and a scattering of dystopian novels.

Of course as a dancer I enjoy music, which always accompanies me when I write.

Movies are the source of my entertainment, but the list is a little long, so all you need to know is I like the Lord the of Rings and the Hobbit, sci-fi (from the Avengers to Star Trek) and a ton of espionage, war movies, animation, and a bucket load of classics.

Fun facts?

  • I enjoy the woods
  • Tea
  • And I believe that art should be labeled as neither Christian nor secular: if it is true and good, then it will lead to the Truth.

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