animal companions for your heroes and villains

The only pets I’ve ever had were hamsters when I was a kid. Though I love them dearly, I do wonder if owning hamsters was more traumatizing than anything else. One of my go-to stress dreams is of hamsters running amok in the house and me desperately trying to contain them.

Also the first hamster I ever named was Saavik. #nerd

But anyway.

I’ve noticed that in a lot of my recent stories/novels/wips/whatever-the-heck-you-want-to-call-them, my characters have had animal companions. Mostly dogs (probably because I want a dog).

Recently, I’ve gotten sort of re-obsessed with all the different kind of animals that exist on this planet, just like a 3rd grader. So I thought I’d compile some that I thought would make some sick (or sweet) animal companions.

Let’s go.

(I do not own any of these pictures. I got them all from pinterest)

Ok, I claim this one. Snow Leopards are just so cute and fluffy and they have such giant paws (and they also meow like big house cats).
Ring-tailed Lemur: would sit on your character’s shoulder and judge everyone with those yellow eyes. And then weird everyone out when they do their “sun worshipping” (look it up)
Tamarin Golden Lion: would also sit on your character’s shoulder. Less judgy though. Good for pick-pocketers.
Aye-aye - Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden®
The Aye-Aye: great for your Disney-esque villain because it looks absolutely bat-guano crazy.
The lemming: a perfect pocket companion
Elk: huge, magnificent, could totally ride it
Sand Cat: perfect for your loner character. Incredibly elusive, can live on basically nothing, and is the cutest little thing ever.
Pygmy Falcon: I mean…why would you not want to walk around with this little fellow?
Your villain’s ice fortress is protected by freaking leopard seals because their like the freakiest thing ever. You might think they’re kinda cute until they open their mouth and turn into the Loch Ness Monster
And foxes. Because foxes are just cool like that.


And….the end!!!

As kids, everyone is obsessed with everyone’s favorite animal so…..what’s yours??? I’m personally have been a bit penguin obsessed lately.

4 responses to “animal companions for your heroes and villains”

  1. I’ll take a pocket companion Lemming please 🥰🥰


  2. Leopard seals are so cute but so CREEPY just because you don’t expect them to have mouths…like that. Like you go from “this is the most adorable animal on this planet” to “oh wow this can shred me” in 0.5 seconds. SAND CATS ARE ADORABLE AND I LOVE THEM. They’re just amazing little critters.

    For some reason I find the concept of villains having very unvillainous-looking pets really funny. Like instead of a snake or a cat or something appropriate, the guy just has a gerbil or something XD

    It’s hard to pick a favorite animal, but foxes and crows would definitely be up there! Penguins are amazing, though, definitely a great choice for a favorite


  3. Okay but why do I want one of my characters to have a lemur companion now… :O

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