Vibes and Aesthetics Only: Winter Edition

So the northeast got a big dumping of snow a few days ago, which meant I received a big dumping of snow. Woke up Monday morning to the cars practically buried in the driveway, and when (thanks due to dad and the neighbor) I got on the highway, it was one lane that was vagueishly in the middle. Because like nothing had been plowed yet. Snow everywhere. Turning lanes gone.

Welcome to Ohio.

So as I sit staring at snowy rooftops and mountains of snow edging everyone’s driveway, I’m going to do a reboot of last year’s Vibe and Aesthetics Only (no plots allowed) blog. BUT (and you guessed it) winter themed.

If you need inspiration, I got some for you. Let us begin.

(I do not own any of these images. I got them all from pinterest)

nothing better than a big old spooky mansion
Narnia vibes anyone??
kids playing blithely at a magical school before the monsters come out and eat them
This contains an image of: Winter forest
you have to go into the woods after the beast stole your sister, but it’s getting dark
you’re far from home now
for those of you writing the next Dr. Zhivago
your character is trapped in the ice. the sky is turning red as if with blood
some beauty and the beast for you
Ice palace?? How about ICE CITY???
refuge with hot chocolate and cozy couches and blankets
Follow the kitty. No questions asked.
don’t make her angry
are you sure it’s just a statue?


And there you have it!

If you have snow, I hope you’re enjoying it and it hasn’t caused any catastrophic events. If you don’t have snow…..I’m sorry?? Do you like snow?? Do you wish you had snow?? Or are you quite happy without it???

7 responses to “Vibes and Aesthetics Only: Winter Edition”

  1. Oooo!!!! I loved all these!! I’ll definitely be following the kitty. And 100% the monsters will be jumping out of the school…

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  2. These pictures are all so pretty?? Looking at pictures of the snow is just so relaxing to me. I don’t get a lot of snow where I live (okay, well, there was that week long ice storm last winter), so every so often I have to write a story set in a place with a lot of snow to make up for it.

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    1. Oh I love stories set with a lot of snow!!! (obviously XD) Snow is so relaxing…

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  3. I don’t have snow…and I’m really upset about it. XD I’m crossing my fingers I get just ONE decent snow storm this year.
    But for now, I’ll have to settle with all the nice frosty photos you shared. ;)

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    1. I hope you get some snow!! It has been snowing constantly here for like the past week XD I’ll try to send some your way ;)

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  4. I love this vibe, especially the ice city, like DANG <3

    I wish real snow was like this XD


    1. I know right?? Real snow is brushing six inches off your car at 8am


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