I am not dead, presumed or otherwise

My grand return to blogging and social media has begun.

Where am I??? Where have I been??? Who have I been??

(Who have I been?? Getting a little too existential there.)

In October of 2019, I gave up on Twitter for some reason. I gave up on Instagram in 2020 for some reason (maybe it was because it was 2020 after all), and this summer, I apparently accidentally gave up on blogging.


Here’s the story:

It’s been a bit of a rough summer, and a bit of a stupid summer. I’m reshuffling my life, so to speak. And in the midst of this reshuffling, the blog and my general social media presence (except my Etsy shop stuff) fell off the deep end. Or really, was pushed.

YARN | -What do you mean? -I mean Humpty-Dumpty was pushed. | Toy Story  (1995) | Video gifs by quotes | 32a52beb | 紗

(I will say that one other probably reason for me pushing humpty-dumpty out the window (aka blogging), is like the month in July in general does not tend to be my best writing month. It’s just….I don’t always find it very inspiring. This may be due to the fact that I am half-vampire and there’s just too much sunlight in July.)

I’m not going to get too much into how my life is being reshuffled because nothing is set in stone yet. I will say this has not changed my writing plans (except apparently my ability to blog).

I know this is all really vague and cryptic but you know when your life is going in one direction and all of a sudden you’re like this isn’t where you want to go and you aggressively grab the wheel to turn and change course but then you sort of end up spinning around in circles instead? Yeah. Yeah that’s where we are.

(I feel like every sentence is like the length of the distance between New York and San Francisco. Sorry for all the run-ons.)

So we know why I have been missing, but besides engaging in a whole lot of life reshuffling, what have I been doing with my life? What have I been doing since you last saw me on July 3rd??


I’ve been waiting for edits to come back on a novel, piddling around with a new story, taking my fairy dolls to crafts shows, and reading. Like, I actually read a few books. What do you know. I’ve done a lot of drawing too, and have been listening to the Wonder Woman 1984 soundtrack…..a lot.

Oh and I saw Black Widow and I have FEELINGS (which we’re not going to talk about right now. All you need to know is I loved it. Natasha’s the best).

So what’s next?

Since my life is finally getting more organized (like….12% more organized)

And his utter confidence in 12 percent of a plan. | A Celebration of Chris  Pratt's Sexiest and Most Hilarious Star-Lord Moments | POPSUGAR  Entertainment Photo 16

I am going to be blogging once a week for the rest of August. I’ll probably switch between Wednesday posts and Saturday Morning Posts at random. Depending how I feel that week. But I WILL post (I know I’ve said it before but I mean it this time). (I also plan to get back to reading and commenting on other people’s blogs.)

Once September hits (MY FAVORITE MONTH), I might get a burst of inspiration and start posting twice a week again, but we’ll see. September is a magical month so you never know.

But I am excited to get back to blogging regularly, excited to be talking with you guys again and see what’s been going on. I missed all this.

So yeah! I’m back! Yay!! *jazz hands*

What’s been going on with you? How has your summer been? What’s been your favorite book so far this year?

6 responses to “I am not dead, presumed or otherwise”

  1. Life can reshuffle right around you. This is especially true in 2020. I think a lot of us decided to make life changes.

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    1. So true!!! 2020 threw everyone a real curveball….

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  2. Good to have you back! (I was not here for July at all, so…I didn’t notice you were gone? *hides* But still. Good to have you back.)
    Hey, I have FEELINGS about Black Widow, too! Twins! XD (Natasha is indeed the best, and I loved it, too.)

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    1. Yay!!! I’m not the only one who was gone!!!! XD

      Also Black Widow *cries*

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  3. Welcome bacccccckk! I totally get that reshuffling feeling <3

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    1. Thaaankss!!!! It’s good to be back :D


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