Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 57


It’s super duper windy today at the lake. In general it’s been very windy lately. I like wind. I like watching the trees bend and seeing the leaves fold over themselves, like they’re ducking for cover. Strong wind feels like a warning, and a lot of times it is.

If anything in nature could speak, it would be wind. But even if it did I doubt we could hear the words. Just whispers, just the feeling that it’s warning us, telling us that something is coming, that something is about to happen, but never what exactly.


Do yourself a favor and listen to the Wonder Woman 1984 soundtrack. Do yourself another favor and listen to the Wonder Woman 1984 Sketchbook. Been starting to listen to it on repeat during my afternoon writing time.

I’ve also been binge listening to the Mandalorian soundtrack. I really love The Story from season 2 and whatever the music is from the last episode when Luke enters the scene and everything else….the music gives me chills and also makes me want to cry. #ewfeelings.


You know, all sorts of people show up to the lake. So where I am right now, I’m not actually on a beach, but at a park with walking trail, so people take endless loops around it (kinda boring but…ok, get those steps in ladies). People walk their dogs, powerwalk, slow walk, take walks with their friends or push their strollers along. Though right now I’m watching an interesting couple. Both are in business-ish clothes (the husband is wearing dress pants and a white shirt), but they’re….walking. But like they aren’t walking together, not side by side like usual couples. The wife is in front and the husband is far behind. Weird.

There’s a kid flying a unicorn kite as kids do, which it’s a perfect day to do that because of this insane wind. (Oh, kite is down. I repeat, kite is down.)

There’s also this big tanker far out on the water. Moving slow. Really big. So that’s cool.


Oh, and I had another article published. (This makes up for not writing a very long blog post or a Wednesday blog, right??? RIGHT???)

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