The wonderful, amazing, illustrious, cookie-flinging Kenzie recently started a new writing tag and I’M ALL ON BOARD *pulls train whistle*

The Jolly Genre Jubilee is all about (you guessed it) GENRE.

First some housekeeping:


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So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

What is your favorite genre of fiction to write?

High fantasy all the way. Besides the horse stories I wrote as a little tyke, I’ve been writing fantasy forever.

Fantasy is great because it’s so versatile and there’s soooo many sub genres. But high fantasy? With a completely made up sub-world? With endless possibilities of what that world could look like? Epic monsters? Epic fight/battle scenes? Beautiful and terrifying and fell landscapes to discover? Endless choices of weaponry? Heck yeah.

What genre would you NEVER get caught writing? . . .EVER.


I just….can’t. I’d get so bored. (NOTHING against the genre(s). But I need murder or gunfights or starships or monsters or magic or mutants or SOMETHING to keep me entertained when writing.) And I’ve also have never, NEVER had ideas along these lines. If I tried to write romance it….would be a disaster. Like tsunami kind of disaster.

What fictional genre feels most like home to you?

…..classic children’s literature???? It would make sense for me to go with fantasy (especially since I grew up living, breathing, and eating the Lord of the Rings and still am just obsessed as ever), but there’s something about Peter Pan, the Hobbit, Alice in Wonderland, Hans Christen Andersen. Those classic stories that just feel some much like home, comforting and safe.

At the same time……maybe not?? I also feel really at home with fantasy, sci-fi, thrillers. I mean the Jason Bourne series are some of my favorite comfort movies so there’s that.

absolutely radiates comfort, doesn’t it?

If you could transform your real life into any genre of your choosing, which would it be?

FANTASY. But particularly if you could drop me off in Middle Earth that’d be great.

What genre does your real life most resemble at the moment?

With the current state of the world, dystopian is a high contender. But in regards to my personal life, I’d probably go with a new adult contemporary; featuring a struggling artist, ballet drama, the charming city of Cleveland and such cliché themes a “finding yourself” and “pursuing your dreams”.

(that’s like the worst pitch I’ve ever heard)

What’s a genre you’re interested in writing, even though you’ve never written it before?

I feel like I’ve written all the genres I’ve want to but…maybe steampunk???

But especially sci-fi. I’ve written a handful of sci-fi, but I’d like to write like a space opera. Or something cyber-punkish. Or something wild and fun with a Guardians of the Galaxy vibe. And sci-fi with aliens.

What genre is your most recent plot bunny, and where did it come from?

My most recent plot bunny is urban/rural fantasy/maybe portal fantasy. And it came from this picture that I can’t find of an RV camped out in the woods that I found on Instagram at like 11pm one night. And I guy I saw at Goodwill.

It will involve fairies. And monsters in the woods.

How many genres have you written thus far in your writing journey?

Here we go: Sci-fi, dystopian (more like dabbled in because I’ve never completed anything), high fantasy, urban fantasy, fairytale retelling, thriller, sci-fi thriller….and I think that’s it???

And last but not least, my obligatory pelican gif:

Jurassic World | A Thousand Finds
if you know, you know

and….TAG YOU’RE IT *dashes away as fast as possible*



Lady Jabberwocky


So what’s your favorite genre? To read or write? What was your favorite genre to read as a kid compared to now? Did the Lord of the Rings completely define your childhood or are you normal?


  1. Jan @ thedoodlecrafter Avatar
    Jan @ thedoodlecrafter

    I don’t get that pelican gif at all lol😅😅 wow this tag looks so awesome! And yes, classic children’s lit is my comfort zone and sort of like a home base. I loved reading your answers, and thanks for tagging me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not sure what the “include a pelican gif” is about, but the one I did is from the ending of Jurassic Park XD
      *high fives that you also find a home in children’s lit*

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Fantasy is awesome!! Both to read and write, although I am…not great at writing fantasy for some reason? Worldbuilding (unique worldbuilding, specifically) intimidates me.

    “If I tried to write romance it…would be a disaster” <<ABSOLUTE SAME. Maybe tiny romantic vibes as a sideplot? But a romance novel? NEVER.

    I get you about being at home with fantasy/sci-fi/action/things that don’t seem like comfort movies! Marvel has become one of my comfort universes, and National Treasure is also a comfort movie, and so is Deep Impact, and other movies that…do not seem comforting, but are.

    Your plot bunny sounds really fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. World building can be really hard! But I also feel like there’s a lot of really good fantasy books that have “softer” world building, or fantasy books set in our world. So maybe your thing just isn’t a giant, sprawling universe?

      You understand!!!!! It’s so funny to me how certain movies become comfort movies, even when they don’t fall within the normal range of “comfort films”


  3. Your plot bunny sounds amazing, and the pitch for your life as a book also sounds like a Netflix chick flick :) thanks for the tag!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It totally does sound like a Netflix chick flick XD


  4. […] thank the blogger who tagged you, and leave a link back to their blog — Thanks, Bernadette! […]


  5. Okay but that plot bunny idea sounds lowkey AMAZING and I need it like yesterday O.O

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh THANK YOU. *hurries to write it*

      Liked by 1 person

  6. The Lord of the Rings completely defined my childhood 😜

    Liked by 1 person

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