Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 54


This week has been uh….WEIRD. SO WEIRD. We got like a snowstorm, some power outages, seasonal allergies (nature hates me), I’ve taken a nap like every day this week…..It’s been rough.

Long story short, I ended up feeling sick from allergies coupled with a sudden plunge in temperature (outside temperature. I did not turn into a popsicle).  I had ballet rehearsal on Thursday, and though I was feeling better, I was still tired. And honestly, was not present and accounted for. My sister didn’t even feel like I was there at all, even though she stood at barre with me. Which is not surprising, since during degages (which I know if you don’t dance means absolutely nothing to you, but that’s alright), and I had an existential moment and was just like, “how did I get here? How did my life wind up to me doing degages on a Thursday morning? Why? What am I doing here?”

It was weird. My body was there but the rest of me was somewhere else (where, I’m not sure).


So we had a snowstorm this week (as mentioned beforehand). Woke up Wednesday morning, looked out the window, and it looked like freaking Christmas. I wanted to throw hands with the weathermen.

April 21st and snow? Really? REALLY??? Please I need SUN for pete’s sake! I’m wilting like a succulent!!

It’s sunny again now, and warm. But it’s stuff like this that gives me trust issues, and it’s stuff like this that makes me hesitate from putting any clothes away. Because living in Cleveland is, “think you’re done with sweaters? THINK AGAIN.”


So there’s this road close to where I live. Well, vague-ishly close to where I live. Ok, fine, it’s like twenty minutes away. Whatever.

But anyway, on this particular road, there is a guys who jogs. And he jogs wearing a banana costume.

 I have no idea why.

Full on, big, bright yellow banana costume. Jogging.


Hello. Can you tell that my brain is still ping-pongs???

But that’s ok. The ping-pongs are here to stay for a little bit, I believe. And sometimes we have to learn to live with ping-pongs. Something I think we’ve all learned over the past year. Things will be crazy, your brain while either be fried potatoes or mashed potatoes, and you’ll wake up every morning thinking it’s Thursday. That’s ok.

Because even though my brain has been ping-pongs, and writing this blog has been a real struggle bus, I’ve done some cool things this week. I wrote some cool stuff, made some fun reels for Instagram, and am working on a new felt dragon that I’m really excited about.


So we’ve covered ping-pongs, bananas, degages, and freak snowstorms. What else haven’t we covered in the topic of Randomness from the Week?

I think that just about does it.

Have a nice weekend folks.

(I’m going to try, really try and get back full swing into blogging. But….we’ll see *shrugs because even if I lose the ping-pongs in my brain they might be replaced by hamsters running on a wheel*)

3 responses to “Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 54”

  1. The jogging banana though.
    I can’t get over it.
    That sounds like a character that would be in a book.
    The man who jogs in a banana costume.
    I RELATE to being tired. I have been REALLY TIRED recently. And I don’t even know why. Just…extremely tired.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the whole world is just tired at this point XD


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