March Wrap Up (at least it wasn’t like last March)

Well, we got through the anniversary of the pandemic.

While this March was better than March 2020 for me personally (though March 2020 was such a low point that it’s really a terrible rating scale), world over March 2021 was still pretty bad, so…….alright we’ll get off the depressing train. *disembarks*

I’m happy it’s April (though of course with Ohio being Ohio, we got dumped with a snowstorm on April 1st. Nice joke). I’m ready for some warm weather and a change of wardrobe, though I’m not ready for the excessive amount of pollen.

But anyway, let’s dive into what happened in March.


The query train is continuing to chug along. I’m editing the fantasy novel I finished rewriting last October, and that’s going really well. The story, the themes, and the characters just feel so solid this time around. I’ve still been doing some pretty big rewrites, but it just feels so. much. better. Of course I’ve found some big flubs like having a character in two places at once but it’s fiiiiiiiine.


Read….some things. I finished reading Tolkien’s On Fairy Stories for the second time around, that was the most notable thing. Read another book that I’m going to do a blog post about like next week….Nothing too exciting. Been a bit of a “mood” reader this month. And by “mood” reader I mean “Not sure what mood I’m in so I’ll just sort of piddle around till I decide what that mood is” reader.

Which leads to the big question… do you decide what to read next?


Performed *danced* in a video project, which was a really cool thing to be a part of.

I also started a Star Trek binge because….like why not?

bones spock Kirk star trek tos reboot star trek 2009 McCoy stid the wrath  of khan star trek gifs star trek AOS kobayashi maru saavik star trek II  scully's gifs spockedscully •
So, we've managed to destroy all enemy ships, no...

I’d like to do a shout-out too to when I was like 9 years old and absolutely obsessed with the Wrath of Khan and the other movies (yes, I did in fact name my hamster Saavik, and had a Star Trek themed birthday at some point). I finished watching the original movies, and am moving onto watching some of the Second Generation shows (which I haven’t watched in forever).

Also did anyone watch the new Black Widow trailer???? Cause I straight up started crying.


No super awesome grand plans for April. Read more. Keep on editing. Make fairies. Rehearse for some May performances. Yeah that’s about it. (Wow. This was a short wrap up. Oh well.)

How was your March???

4 responses to “March Wrap Up (at least it wasn’t like last March)”

  1. I mean, most things are better than March 2020, so it’s kind of a low bar…XD

    “On Fairy Stories” is so good!

    OH MY WORD the new Black Widow trailer! I definitely just about cried. It was…amazing, and sad, and fantastic, and it promises to contain some of my favorite tropes/themes, and I CAN’T WAIT FOR JULY.

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  2. Ah I’m so excited to hear that things are going well with your novel, that’s really exciting!! Mine was going well and then I broke my writing spree with it and totally fell of the band wagon with that one, oops. I hope you have a good April!

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    1. Noooooo Hope you’re able to climb back on the band wagon this month!!


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