Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 50


The crescent moon was smoky in the sky. Hanging in a shrouded mist like a Cheshire Cat’s smile.


The mist sat low and thick and heavy over the rooftops, whitened by a recent layer of frost.

(it was really misty the other day ok)


“He shimmied past.” “She shimmied up the rain pipe.”

OK. I get it. I totally understand what “he shimmied” is supposed to mean in the context of someone slipping or sneaking by. But….this is all I can see in my head:

So all of a sudden, in the midst of a “serious” scene, I just imagining the characters doing the shimmy.

Maybe it’s a dancer thing.

But it’s just a pet peeve of mine when verbs that mean one thing are used to mean another. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, drives me crazy when I read “he howled in pain” because he ain’t howling unless he’s a werewolf. And the character isn’t shimmying unless they’re breaking out into a jazz routine.

I also just don’t think vigorously shaking your shoulders is a good way to get down a rain pipe.

(which, apparently shimmy can also mean: move effortlessly; glide with a swaying motion. But….”move effortlessly” and “glide with a swaying motion” are like two completely different things or is that just me?) (Also, the example google used for this second meaning of shimmy is: “her hair swung in waves as she shimmied down the catwalk”. Well, how am I supposed to know if she’s “gliding with a swaying motion” or is actually doing the shimmy? HOW???) (And actually, this second definition of shimmy proves my point. If you are sneaking through an abandoned facility and you “shimmy” past something….you’re gliding with a swaying motion??? Either way it’s a little more…sensual than anyone intends.)

(my apologies for the excessive use of parentheses)


That….that about sums it up.

I’m getting deeper into the editing weeds right now (currently on my second read through of my fantasy novel) and like….so often my notes are, “make clearer” “add more details” or just “do it again, this time with feeling” like some snobby director.

Basically that’s what editing is. Cleaning up a show. Only you’re the director, the actors, the set designer, the costume designer, sound, lights….everything. You yell for spike tape and you have to go get it yourself.

But actually I’m feeling really good with this go around. I’ve edited this novel, well, attempted to edit this novel I think three times and ended up rewriting the entire thing each time. But this time….it feels more solid. Yes, there are rewrites and some scenes are just being thrown in the bin, but it doesn’t seem as catastrophic as other times. AND, I’m actually….excited about it.

I don’t usually get excited about editing.


The post office is an interesting place.

“Hey! Tony bologna!” I hear, in a totally not derogatory but in fact friendly way.

“They’re books. My grandpa writes books.” That’s cool and all but what does this have to do with mailing the package?

The thing that boggles me about the post office is how many people don’t in fact know how to mail….anything. Like yes, you do in fact need to have your item in a box to mail it.


Sorry, this Saturday’s post is short. I’ve been busy and my brain has felt like mashed potatoes, and I’ve been saving what brain I have let for editing.

Peace out.

Oh! Wait! My Etsy shop has a new website:

4 responses to “Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 50”

  1. I feel you with shimmy. I can totally see someone shimmying down or up a rainpipe, just because kind of doing a whole body shoulder shake kind of works to do that? If that makes sense? But shimmying past someone? Just no.

    I hope editing continues to go well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I CAN kinda see the climbing down the rain pipe thing. I think it’s just that I’m a dancer and am doomed to have the image of “the shimmy” in my head forever.

      Thank you!!


  2. You really had me laughing with the whole “shimmy” thing! I personally wouldn’t use that word to describe anything unless there was no other option, but now I’m always going to picture people doing THE shimmy when I read it. Lol. (And the “howling” one, too. XD)

    P.S. I know someone IRL whom my family has always referred to as “Tony Bologna”, rather affectionately, I might add. lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. my apologies for plaguing you with the “shimmy” image XD

      Yes!! The person at the post office totally say it affectionately and I don’t know why but I found it really funny.

      Liked by 1 person

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