February Wrap Up: ugh, ugh, ugh, it’s March again


Or more accurately:


It’s March again. Which is strange, since there’s a pretty strong scientific debate that March 2020 never actually ended. The boulder that March 2020 kicked down the hill is still rolling, if you take my meaning.

March has never been my favorite month. It’s not quite winter, it’s not quite spring, it’s slushy, reminds me of the color brown, and makes me think of cold feet and wet shoes. And of course now March (at least for the US) will live forever in terrible infamy. Ew March.

February was…I don’t know *I say as I kick back with an iced tea* I worked, I wrote, I made my ancestors proud. It was a busy month, I suppose. Honestly, when I look back at a month, I kind of feel like how when someone says, “how are you?” and you automatically answer “good” “fine” “oh not too bad”. You answer in a simple manner simply because you are not ready to answer an such existential question like “how are you?” And even if you were prepared, you may still just answer “good” because you’re alive and breathing and generally unconcerned about you’re feelings.

That’s how I feel about looking back at February. “Sure *shrugs* it was swell.”

If a month isn’t catastrophically bad or shockingly marvelous, then it’s just “whatever”.

So let’s dive into how “whatever” or “swell” February was.


Well, I finished Red Heart, Ice Mountain. Which is an epic fantasy disaster of 145k words.

I started editing Oh, Wonder Why the Sun Fell (also fantasy) for the….oh gosh, 3rd time? This round is going better than the others, as the story is no longer a complete and utter dumpster fire.

So… yeah. That’s about it. Whoopie.

(Can you tell that I’m tired and just feel absolutely nothing right now? No? Ok cool.)


Uh….I did not read as much as I did in January. But that’s ok. I’m almost done reading D-Day Girls by Sarah Rose (so good. Highly recommend).

Stephanie over at Adventures of Bibliophile wrote a good post on getting into the habit of reading every day, which is definitely something I’d like to get into doing. One thing that I will say helps is reading multiple books at once (which sounds counterintuitive, but hear me out). Because if you’re reading one book, you’re constantly having to take it everywhere, and then constantly bemoaning the fact that you forgot your book. BUT, if you are reading multiple books, you can put them in different locations (like I have a book I read at meal-time and one I read before bed).


I auditioned for a dance showcase and am also currently rehearsing for it, so that’s cool.

I bought another plant.

I bought a pair of Converse at a thrift store that I didn’t need. But they’re black and white leopard print??? How could I resist????

And then you know, work. Work is busy. Lot’s of fairies to make. Lot’s of felt to buy.



I don’t have any grand plans for March, except that I hope it’s nothing like March 2020. I plant to read more and like…start listening to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack again because I have this weird thing where I don’t like listening to it during the winter.

Oh! And! This is something cool I did in February. I made a Bee Collection for my Etsy shop and I just *so shiny*

These colors make me absolutely and incandescently happy.

We’ll end on that note cuz it’s happy.

7 responses to “February Wrap Up: ugh, ugh, ugh, it’s March again”

  1. I love the Bees!!! 🐝🐝


  2. Yeah, it’s kind of awkward that it’s almost been a whole year since the…well, all this started. It doesn’t make me feel great about things.
    Have you named your plant???
    That’s great that you are in doing a dance showcase! What kind of dance is it?
    I love your bee collection! It’s really cute.


  3. I’m such a plant person too! And I’m sure your novels are not as bad as you think ;)


  4. I think my month was similar to yours. Neither here nor there in a way, but hey, we made it through! Now, it’s on to the next…
    P.S. Your bee collection is so pretty!!


  5. “There’s a pretty strong scientific debate that March 2020 never actually ended.” << TRUE THAT. February was definitely kind of a "meh" month for me, too. And I'm not super excited that it's March.
    Congrats on finishing Red Heart, Ice Mountain!
    And that Bee Collection is ADORABLE and I love it!


  6. I love the fairies!

    Congratulations on finishing your novel! I wish I could read it <3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!!

      Here’s to hoping that all my publishing dreams come true so you can read it XD

      Liked by 1 person

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