Reading and Writing Nooks for You to Drool Over (and perhaps create for yourself)

I have a bit of an interior design…..obsession. I redecorate for all four seasons (too many knick knacks anyone??) and due to spending so much time rearranging and redecorating, I am a pro at moving furniture by myself that I probably shouldn’t be moving by myself (both for the furniture’s sake and mine).

Anywho. (Speaking about furniture, would you like to hear an anecdote about how I once ripped about a desk with my bare hands? No? Ok. Moving on.)

I have probably prattled on before about how important it is to make a space to write in ect etc. But TODAY we’re not going to talk about making a space to write/read but we’re just gonna bask in the glory of some pretty nooks and spaces I found on Pinterest (which….I will actually be giving some unsolicited tips on how make these spaces. Oh well).

Here we go. Cozy up in you’re favorite blanket, grab a mug of tea, coffee, mead, whatever, and bask with me.

This is not so much as nook as a bookshelf idea, but I really like it. Especially if you don’t have a bucket load of books, it’s a nice way to still make your library look cool, and not janky. Problem: not a lot of books. Solution: display all your other cool stuff, or just a bunch of candles.
More on this one can be found here . What I really like about this one is….like it’s actually feasible. Some books, a lantern (you can get one at a craft store easily, though I would definitely suggest using a coupon), and a cushy seat.
It’s so sophisticated and conversational .(more of this space here). It’s nice if you want to read with someone, or just in general sit down and talk with someone while in the wonderful presence of books.
Again, I feel like this one is very feasible. Like if you search “reading nook” into Pinterest, you’re gonna get a bunch of window seat/closet/cozy corners that are like…impossible unless you’re lucky enough to live in a house with a window seat. But this is just: chair, pillows and blankets, a little stool that you could probably get at a thrift store (or…the trash. Garbage picking can be really profitable), and then, a rug (which you could get at Five Below probably) (this has now turned into the “How to Decorate On a Budget of Quarters and Dimes with Bernadette” show )
I’m not a huge fan of the wicker/basket looking desk, but the decor? YES. I personally like to face a window when I write, but I think decorating a wall full of things that inspire and make you happy is a close second.
So posh. A little old fashioned, a little modern, and plants (and also do you see the little deer on the desk??? He’s so cute)
Now this is just heaven. If you’re lucky enough to have windows like that I – well I’m jealous. However, I think you could achieve this effect with even one window AND if you don’t have glorious window sills to put candles and flowers on, honestly, you could just put in shelves. (which….again, Goodwill, Five Below.)(seriously, a lot of times they have really cute shelving at Five Below)
You know what I love about this? It made the office chair work. How? Cute pillow, AND a mid century modern style desk, which helped to bridge the “office-y” look with the cute look.
May I also suggest, if you are in a search for a ladder (which are great to have because they had a lot of height to a room), you can probably find one….in someone’s trash. Which…is what I did. (which depending where you live, garbage picking can be illegal which is kinda weird) (I also just want to assure you that I do not go digging through the trash at midnight like a hungry racoon) (because at this point you may be wondering if I’m after all not human but a trash panda)
This is just…..all the good vibes. Obviously this work best with an attic space, but you could do it anyway. Looking for pillows? Again, I will suggest Five Below (they will be small, but cheap) and I will also suggest At Home which has decent prices and the most enormous selection of pillows I have ever seen on planet earth. Just…aisles of pillows. Amazing.


And now you’re probably all wondering, “well what does YOUR space look like?”

Well, here’s a piece of it:

Simple, needs more plants, and if you look closely you can see a little Bilbo Baggins on the left corner of my desk. (also I have a mushroom garland on my window which I am absolutely in love with. Makes it feel like a hobbit hole) (oh and I made the wall hanging) (also within the context of the rest of space it does NOT look this big and empty)


Hope you know, you enjoyed this or something. Now go buy some pillows.

5 responses to “Reading and Writing Nooks for You to Drool Over (and perhaps create for yourself)”

  1. Oh my goodness. I’m reading this glancing over at my reading chair and thinking that a rug or a cool lamp is really needed right now. Love this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Do it!! Get a rug and a cool lamp!!


  2. Fantastic post once again.
    Also slightly creepy timing considering I just re did my bookshelf and got a desk for writing/art. XD
    But yes, your sense of decor and desks and whatnot is fantastic.
    You made that wall hanging??? hOw

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So. Weird.

      I started getting into weaving a few years ago and IT’S SO FUN.


  3. I need more pillows… also, the grey beanbag chair from the UK, yes pleasseee!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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