Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 47


Red Heart, Ice Mountain is done.

What a monster.

I finished at 145k words (we’re gonna talk about the egregious length in a second) and totally rushed that ending but I JUST WANTED TO GET IT DONE. I’ve been working on this straight for almost four months. And I really wanted to start working on this other project. So I rushed the ending.

Which….there are so many things that need fixed I know that if I spent a long time writing the ending I would end up changing it anyway when I edit/rewrite so I thought I would just save myself the trouble.

Now let’s talk about that ridiculous word count.

First of all, in case anyone it wondering, yes, I totally realize that it is. way. too. long. How did it get that long? Well, first of all, let’s harken back to that post where I talked about being an underwriter. Well, guess the joke’s on me. Second of all….I’m not honestly sure how it got to be so long. I don’t feel like there are needless subplots or miles of description. In fact, I think the culprit is very on brand of me.

Too many fight scenes. Too many long fights scenes.

Yep, I think that’s it.

Because let me tell you, I was thinking of writing two big battles at the end, which I swear would have added another 20k words. Which is why I didn’t write them.

I may have also rushed the ending due to a tad but of burn out, but that’s alright. The first draft is down and done.


In February
winter can sometimes lose her magic
the earth had stood frozen and cold
and hard for nights and longer nights
and days and grey filled days
all the grass and all the dirt crunches beneath your salt-stained boots
and there is ice on the pavement and snow on top of it
and snow and snow and snow


With the draft of Red Heart, Ice Mountain finished, and another novel being queried, I am jumping back onto the editing bandwagon (I like to keep myself busy).

Of course this is the novel I’ve rewritten every time I’ve sat down to “edit” *rolls eyes till they spin out of my their sockets* (my apologies for the vivid imagery.)

I’m also excited to edit because last spring, I figured out a much better system for editing that worked really well (despite the manuscript being shoved in a drawer. I know that kinda sounds like the process didn’t actually work well, but it did.), and I’m looking forward to replicating that.

Wish me luck.


“See you’re in cow country. Ain’t nothing but you and the cows.”

Things I’ve heard at the post office.


Fyi this is short today because my brain has turned to mash potatoes and it is in danger of leaking out of my ears. Thank you for your understanding.

7 responses to “Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 47”

  1. I love these posts. It’s nice to see little bits of your life and writing each week (:

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    1. Oh thank you!!! That’s good to hear

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  2. Congrats!!! I’m so happy for you!

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    *showers down snowflake confetti*
    145k words is insane.
    I am in awe.

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    1. THANK YOU!!!!!!

      yeah um…..145k words is um….a lot *cries when I think of having to edit it*


  4. […] wrote that last year here, but this February is nothing like last year. We’ve had snow on the ground since like January […]


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