Me reading: ah yes, the trope of the quiet YA protagonist and her bubbly best friend. #SeenIt #SoTypical

Me thinking a moment later: Oh wait. I am the trope. I’m the quite person who’s closest friends always end up being extroverts.

*has existential crisis*


Found this gem in my blog post drafts:

I come downstairs.




(Looking through my drafts, and back in June I was going to write a post titled “favorite dad characters” and the first thing I see is MANDO and just yeah, that sums things up)

Also I found this from June: We’re just gonna keep going with this trend of talking about movies because apparently that’s all I’m doing recently (besides slowly getting killed by Mother Nature ahem I mean allergies)

And I found this also (for a post titled “where was I ten years ago”): Ten years ago I was in seventh grade….I have no recollection of 7th grade. Does anyone??? Does 7th grade even EXIST???

(Yes I am scrounging through my drafts in lieu of content ideas)


So you know the trope in a fantasy novel where there has to be a fancy ball and the characters have to dress up and dance and stuff? Well, I finally did it.

There is a fancy ball scene in Red Heart, Ice Mountain. And they dance. AND (it’s gonna get more tropey guys) one of the characters doesn’t know how to dance and the other has to teach them how on the spot.

BOOM *mic drop*

Now, the only bummer is, they don’t get to fight in their fancy clothes but, I mean you can’t have everything *shrugs*


empty pockets in space
between the stars and the planets
and the moon and the asteroids
pockets of cold darkness where nothing floats
the bits of stardust are far, far away
the swirling gases are only distant lights
colors of nebulas are not seen
only the shapes of far off things
and the curve of unexplored galaxies
far, far away

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