January wrap up: fairies, words, more word, and like…a lot of embroidery floss

We made it through the first month of 2021, which was….really something.

I personally had a good month of getting back into the swing of things, reorganizing my life, buying new windshield wipers, and getting back to eating an obscene amount of trail mix.

I don’t have much an introduction here, because January is just sort of a cold flurry of snow and wind in my brain. So let us proceed with the usual.


You all heard about my writing retreat which was absolutely amazing.

I sent out some more queries (!!!). I’m gonna say I may have written like 40k words in January….not quite sure….though I am quite sure that the first draft of Red Heart, Ice Mountain is now 120,000 words and climbing *nervous smile*. I’m guessing it’s gonna be 140k words. Which…..sounds like a nightmare to edit.

Basically I’ll just have to take an axe to it. Or a flamethrower and burn like 20-30k words. It’s just a really big story people.


Actually read three books this month which I’m really proud of (Those of you that read 10 + books…..how…??? Show me your secrets). Hope I keep up the good work. One of them was Fahrenheit 451 which I’ve been meaning to read for eons. It did not disappoint. (Fun fact: my mom met Ray Bradbury while she was in college).


Took a lot of dance classes, auditioned for a showcase (woke up the next morning with a big bruise on the top of my foot because MOdErn DaNCiNg).

And uh….I quit my day job(s).

I am now a full-time artist (handcrafter? Small business owner? Whatever). I’ve taken the Etsy shop I’ve been running since 2013 (7 years guys. phew.) and am now doing it full time. Fifteen Magpie Lane is now my job. What is Fifteen Magpie Lane you ask? Well, let me tell you.

“Fifteen Magpie Lane is a mother and daughter team bringing handcrafted goods to you since 2013”

That’s the short pitch. I handcraft miniature, Waldorf inspired fairy dolls as well as felt dragons, unicorns, and other fanciful creatures.

Every fairy and creature is one-of-a-kind, crafted and designed individually, and even named with care (you’ve heard me complain about naming characters. Well, naming fairies is only slightly easier. I only name them faster out of necessity).

Where to find the fairies and more:

(I have to say, I’m constantly shocked at the amount of materials I use. So much embroidery floss.)


And that ends the first monthly wrap up 2021! Cheers to 11 more!!

I don’t have much plans for February, accept finishing Red Heart Ice, Mountain, and plus fairies, fairies, fairies….That’s my life now. Fairies.

Honestly? Not a bad life.

3 responses to “January wrap up: fairies, words, more word, and like…a lot of embroidery floss”

  1. The little fairies are so cute!


  2. Sounds like January was quite productive month. I read exactly three books as well, and I feel so accomplished! haha
    And congrats on your Etsy business! Making fairies sounds like a dream job.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *high fives* I mean I personally think 3 book is a lot to read in a month XD

      and yes!! it is such a dream job.

      Liked by 1 person

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