Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 42

Did that body-switch in Wonder Woman 1984 make sense? No. Did I ignore it just because I was happy to see Chris Pine back as Steve Trevor? Yes.


On the subject of movies, can we talk about that 5-hour long factory scene in Attack of the Clones? Did anyone else get either hard the end of Meet the Robinsons vibes or hard crazy-feverish-dream vibes? ‘Cuz I got both.

Bigger (and longer) isn’t always better. The intensity of a scene doesn’t always rely on the pizzazz or wow aspect to make it exciting. Sometimes all you need is three guys fighting in a bathroom.

Til the End of the Line

Or sometimes you do throw a little more pizazz in…

But either way, if it’s too much, you just get numb to it. Not only that, if you’re not relying on the characters for the tension, you’re going to get nowhere. It ends of being a really long Ninja Warrior: Factory Version scene.

(also why can’t I find a gif of Obi Wan pulling a Tom Cruise and hurling himself through that window? Because that was the highlight of the movie)


(“aren’t you going to write any of your thoughtful pieces?” you begin to wonder. eh, probably not today. honestly, with the events of this week, has anyone been thinking clearly enough to be “thoughtful”?)

Sometimes you just gotta drape yourself dramatically in a grey blanket and walk around the house like you’re a Jedi Knight.


(“WHEN is she gonna say something meaningful?” you say as you bang your head against the keyboard or…iphone. or whatever format you’re reading this in)

You know that quote “most writers don’t like writing; they like having written”? (which…there seems to be a lot of contention about who said that, because apparently a lot of writers have said it with slight variations).

I get that. I get that feeling of “why won’t this book just write itself”. I get that feeling of wishing there was a direct plug in to your brain that would translate that epic battle scene onto paper for you. But the truth?

I like writing. I like the actual motion of putting words down. The act of stringing words together. Getting that rush of adrenaline from a scene or the rush of writing a description that swallows you in the moment.

If I didn’t like the actual process of writing, I would find a different way to tell stories. Yes, there are bad days. Yes, there are the days when I’d rather pull a sore tooth from a T-Rex than write another word. But the worse things about those days?

I want to be writing. I want to get to that good place. That sweet spot.


This is just your weekly reminder to take a walk. Get some fresh air in your lungs, some fresh ideas in your head.

3 responses to “Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 42”

  1. Okay, but to be fair, consider: ALL of Star Wars has hard crazy fever dream vibes.

    I do LIKE writing. It’s really hard, but it’s satisfying! And even though it’s rarely that good on the first go around, polishing it up and watching it get better and better is so satisfying even though it also feels like pulling your own hair out

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    1. Yep, that’s true XD

      YES. Writing IS hard, but it is so satisfying.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I need to come visit this blog more often! Your content is amazing :)


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