Mission Accomplished, Burn Out NOT Avoided

Good morning. Or good afternoon. Or whatever time of day you are reading this.

But congratulations. You nearly made it to the end of 2020, a year no one saw coming, or at least I certainly didn’t see coming, since I wrote this piece of gold at the beginning of the year:

“2020 is cool. At least the first few days have been treating me alright. It’s abnormally warm, which I guess I’ll take over sub zero temperatures and wastelands of snow (though this means I don’t get to don all my fur and gloves and scarves and became a mysteriously old woman whipping past on my snow mobile). I hope this is a year where I DON’T crack the phone on my screen twice and need it twice replaced (there went my moolah).”

I think I just committed treason for saying 2020 “is cool” and lo and behold, I did indeed crack my phone screen. Again.

But as wild, boring, and disappointing as this year was, I also was very blessed this year. My own home remained stable, my family grew closer together, and no one actually lost their mind. Or…we’re pretty sure no one did.

I always like to look back at my end of year blogs from the year before, where I proudly announce all my glorious plans and goals for writing. I had some pretty substantial goals last year and was happily surprised that things turned out fairly well for the Worst Year Ever:

  • Query Her Name Was A Ghost (DID IT!!!)
  • Finish the Michigan Triangle (yep. The first draft is finished and I haven’t touched it since)
  • Edit Lily’s Real Name is Leviathan and Oh, Wonder Why the Sun Fell (so I edited Lily and shoved it in a drawer. I rewrote Oh, Wonder Why the Sun Fell and must edit it now…)

So overall. Not bad. I mean…I checked off everything on the list…right?? Oh, wait. I dug through my blogs and found another list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2020:

Make writing a priority: Um…yes??? I mean writing has been a priority for a while now, BUT, I think this is an ongoing goal. Not to necessarily make it more of a priority, but write MORE. Schedule MORE time to write (and more consistently).

Journal MORE: DID IT. I journaling a TON this year which you’ve probably heard about ad nauseum so I’ll move on.

Make. A. Plan: LOL. This was meant to mean making a plan for my writing projects and make better plans for editing/revising.

Well, on the editing and revising front, I guess things kinda did go better (though I did end up totally rewriting something accidentally). I didn’t edit so haphazardly this year, so I got that going for me. BUT as far as having a better plan for my projects, THAT did not happen. It was still very haphazard, though I DID get a lot done so hey, it works.

Blog more: Um…yeah?? Yeah, I guess I did this.

Switch up the time of day I write: WELL. This ended up getting a whole new meaning. 2020 turned my schedule into absolute chaos, so I ended up writing in the mornings, afternoon, evenings, nighttime, and just all through the night. I have no schedule. I don’t understand the word schedule anymore.

(no but for real the goal for this year is to get back on a consistent schedule. Of a lot of things)

AVOID BURN OUT: HA. ha. ha….this was the year FOR burn out. I mean I was burned out on like day 5 of lockdown.

But I will say this: I never felt burned out with writing. With life? Yes, I was/am very burned out. But not with writing. Instead it’s just a feeling of constantly wanting to write more, but running out of time, OR having a hard time sitting down and focusing because I am otherwise burned out and hence the whole scheduling problem. It all comes together.


In general this year was….weird. But I did write A LOT. Wrote a whole draft, finished a draft, wrote a half a draft, edited a novel, queried a novel, and two blogs a week and….yeah wow. In general I am grateful that 2020 didn’t suck as much as it could have.

Here’s to next year *tips glass*

One response to “Mission Accomplished, Burn Out NOT Avoided”

  1. Haha I also felt really burned out but absolutely not about writing – it was more everything else in life!


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