bleary eyed and clinging onto a rocket hurtling towards the new year (November Wrap Up


And a foot of snow was dumped on Ohio.

Me trying to get out of the driveway yesterday


Well, first off, another NaNoWriMo IN THE BAG. This is my 5th NaNo and the 2nd I’ve won (the first three were….not great but not too terribly awful. I had fun and that’s what really matters. Right?? RIGHT??). I finished at 51k and am still marching forward with my plan to finish this book before the New Year (though I know full well this is not going to happen. This sucker is too big and I am too tired)(Annnnnd I’m starting a new job annnnnnd I get to perform out in the wind, snow, rain, fire, and hail as the Nutcracker so yeah).

I love this book, I’ve had to look up a couple of weird, dumb things (wheel thing that sharpens sword (grinding wheel! Gah! I know this one!), African plains (savanna was the word I was looking for), and the winner, how long does it take to die when stabbed in the heart). On a weird note, one of the hardest things for me has been not having…guns in the story. That sounds kinda odd, but nearly every story I’ve written since like I was 15, has had pistols, rifles, some sort firepower in it (including fantasy). But with the story, I didn’t want any and now I’m like….but…bing bang boom. There’s no bing bang boom.

(Just wait, when I finish and get to editing I’ll add them in) (I just want things to go boom and bang, ok?)

Querying is going sloooooooow (like that statement is going to surprise anyone).

I’m trying to keep up on my morning journaling routines, at least on the weekends or exceptionally moody days.


HA. Let’s move on.

(The real question is though: what am I going to read next? I’m almost done with two books, and of course have a TBR stacked to the roof, but I honestly haven’t planned what I want to read next. Whoops.) (Just so you know, one of the top candidates is a book on the Spanish Flu) (Yes, I’m terrible like that).


WHAT IS LIFE??? Whether it’s because of the holidays, the stupid pandemic, organ failure, or a case of the blues, all I want to do is make Christmas presents and watch Once Upon a Time. That is all I want in life. Is that too much to ask?

Apparently yes.

Life has been trudging along. I performed in a virtual Nutcracker, which was fun and though it wasn’t the full thing, I’m so thankful we did SOMETHING.

There’s me warming up on the stage.

November felt like an extremely short month, shorter than October, and we seem to be just hurtling towards 2021 with intense speed. And….I don’t want to hurtle it’s exhausting. *curls under blanket and never comes out*

But despite the month feeling fast, the month was slow in the way of things that happened. Because not much happened (is it terrible that it’s 7:30 pm and I feel like I need a cup of coffee??) (I’ve been drinking so much coffee and tea lately help) (actually don’t. Give me more coffee).


If I’ve seen more disorganized and sporadic lately, it’s because I AM. At least….I use all my brain power for work so by the time I get to writing a blog my brain is just, “battery power low. Please recharge.” And no one for their life can find the plug.

How does everyone feel about heading into 2021? Hopeful? Woeful? Bamboozled? I think I’m the last one because the next time I write a monthly wrap up it was be January. January.

We’re just gonna let that sit there.

4 responses to “bleary eyed and clinging onto a rocket hurtling towards the new year (November Wrap Up”

  1. I LOVE your monthly wrap ups!!


  2. I’m trying really hard to have no expectations for 2021. Not bad expectations, just no expectations. I’m glad you were able to perform in the Nutcracker!

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    1. SAME. I feel like next year could be just about anything.

      Liked by 1 person

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