October Wrap Up: woodland kings, revisions, and one slow reader

So just realized that I didn’t do an October wrap up last week because it slipped my mind because A: NaNoWriMo and B: I guess I don’t want October to end but it is over so here we go.

(Pause: did I ever tell you Midwest weather is insane?? Because right now it is *checks phone* 77 flipping degrees out. On November 10th. I – I just want to wear sweaters and warm socks and drink tea and watch The Hobbit. And knit. That’s all I want to do)

But anywho, let’s dive into October and see what happened.


Finished the 3rd draft of Oh, Wonder Why the Sun Fell, slamming the end down at around 126k words, which is…..20k longer than I originally planned. But that’s ok.

When I saw third draft, I mean 3rd rewrite. This third time round was meant to just be a normal edit but….one thing led to another and I added 40k words to this story (I’ve always been an underwriter until apparently…this year). But I LOVE this story. The characters are so dear to my heart (though I beat them up constantly. Sorry not sorry), and I have really enjoyed fleshing this story out with each continual rewrite (this hopefully being the last one *cringes*)

The rest of the month I gave myself a little bit of a break, prepped for NaNoWriMo, and did a lot of journaling (sitting out on the porch in the morning, when it still felt like fall out. You know, below 50 degrees, rainy, not 75 and sunny *shakes fist at November*).


AH HAHAHAHAHA *cries* I had a pretty good thing going this year for reading until…until I didn’t. I’m making my way through Return of the King and also All the President’s Men. And that’s it. No further commentary.


Well the highlight – was Halloween. Waaay back in September I had this idea that I wanted to dress up (I will forever dress up on Halloween, even though I am far past the age of Trick-or-Treating) as a “pumpkin fairy”. Stick some pumpkins in my hair, some cute make-up, and maybe some sparkly wings.

Well – come Halloween I stuck with the idea but instead of a “pumpkin fairy” I turned in….the King of the Woodland Realm, who may or may not murder you in a leaf pile.

In general, I am just said to see October go. It’s just never long enough. I feel like it’s the one month that truly is and only fall.


All in all, October was another month in 2020, which we don’t need to go into how weird and time-wonkey everything is, and how everyone (meaning me) has a brain cloud.

And this oddly warm weather is not helping the weirdness (and like….all the trees are bare. There are fall leaves everywhere. It couldn’t look more autumn than it does now except that I’m wearing a t-shirt and shorts).

For November….my only plans are 1: to not lose me mind, and 2: win NaNoWriMo. That’s it. Should be easy, right???


2 responses to “October Wrap Up: woodland kings, revisions, and one slow reader”

  1. Your costume is so cute!! I went as a Sith lord–I sewed the tunic myself and used one of my black covid masks. There were a lot of jokes about Darth Corona

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!! Your costumes sounds amazing and I gotta love Darth Corona XD

      Liked by 1 person

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