Saturday Morning Post Vol. 32

Let me tell you a story about a writer endlessly wandering her neighborhood.

It’s the height of the lockdown. April 59th. (Or was it March 33rd?). I feel like I remembering it being warm so it could by May 41st. But also….like I can remember when the lockdown began but not when it actually ended because it’s not like things got better after the lockdown it was just like oh I guess you can shop at Old Navy now.


The writer is aimlessly wandering her neighborhood because CABIN FEVER. She’s listening to music, or the First Draft podcast, OR she is plotting. *sinister smile*

Ok but really while I was taking these walks I actually plotted an entire novel and wrote half of it. (This book will probably never see the light of day.)

What brings this up is I’m guess what, outlining. I’m outlining Red Heart, Ice Mountain (my NaNoWriMo novel. Please ignore the slightly generic sounding title. I had to come with something better than the Snow Queen). I’ve been brainstorming for months (by months I mean since January when we all lived in blissful ignorance of what was to come) and have a fair idea about plot and characters. I’ve worked out a few important issues recently (some names are still up in the air, and people are going by “Rebel Girl’s Friend” or “The Nice CO” HALP) and have the book broken into four parts and that’s nice. I’ve organized all my notes and scene ideas into those parts. So right now I have a nice *rainbow arms* general outline.

Then I supposed I had to start breaking it into chapter and then…. I died.

*cue sad organ music*

Example: “Ah yes, this is the part where he goes off to the front and fights and then gets kicks out. What happens exactly??? How many chapters is that?? Uh……”

Like…I can’t just sit there and make a plot appear out of nowhere. I can either make a plot by actually writing the story, or in a deep brainstorming session which usually happens on walks/in the car/in the shower. (The other morning I was driving right after a writing session and my brain was still going and I was frantically trying to take notes at stoplights.) (Stay alive guys, don’t text and drive.)

You know that thing I wrote?? This one?? Yeah. Daydreaming is important.

One thing I love about listening to First Draft is when authors explain how they started writing.

Well, I really started “writing” before I could. Making up stories as I rode my bike back and forth across the neighborhood. And….Ok I still kinda do that.

So my question for plotters (who REALLY plot and make those super intense outlines): HOW do you come up with the story? Is it by brainstorming? Sitting there and writing the plot out?? (I honestly might do an in depth outline for this novel, I don’t know. Mostly I want figure out names. So. Many. Darn. Names. Characters and places oh my.)

Writing is interesting process, which mostly includes staring out the window (hopefully not when you’re driving. Keep your eyes on the road). Where do you usually come up with plots?? Is brainstorming for you daydreaming or writing things down?

Got a lot of questions for you today. Not a lot of answers.

In other news, my revised draft of OWWTSF has busted past 100k and still going I got roughly…ten chapters left???? (How long is this thing going to be?????) Where are you at with your current WIP?

HA. More questions.

Alright we’ll call this one a day.

2 responses to “Saturday Morning Post Vol. 32”

  1. 100k?
    *stands agape*


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