Saturday Morning Post Vol. 29

So I have realized it is two months till NaNoWrimMo, and I need to start outlining but I’m also deep into edits and I don’t want to stop and I’m querying and I’m really busy and I just?????

It’s been very odd, but throughout this whole pandemic, even during lockdown, I’ve always felt super busy. Still do. Still, I’m gonna squeeze outlining for NaNoWriMo in there. Somehow.

(but guys I’m so excited for this story. Ice. Snow. War. A snarky protagonist. So here for it)

(So I got up and danced around to Back in the USSR because I didn’t really know where this post was going and viola, I have an idea). (Well I did have an idea. But I got bored and as they say “no tears in the author, no tears in the reader” or something to that affect)

Ok but let’s talk about that quote for a second:

“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader”

Robert Frost

First off, I would have never guessed that it was Robert Frost who said that. But that’s what Google said so we’ll go with it.

Now I’m not sure if he’s talking about poetry or fiction, and I do think there’s a difference. And we’re going to focus on fiction. Because you don’t always have to feel what you’re writing to write something that’s good.

You obviously have to be love with your story as a whole. You have to be invested emotionally in some regard with your characters, the plot, the world, whatever. You have to love your story. So if you don’t cry about it, your reader won’t (in theory. You don’t have to actually cry to get your readers to cry. Spilling your tears over you laptop is not magically going to make your story a tearjerker, but you get my point).

HOWEVER, you don’t have to feel passionately about your story every time you sit down to write. You don’t have to feel every scene you write. At least this is how I feel about it personally. A lot of time I can really feel a scene, and when I read it later, it sucks. And while sometimes I don’t feel as in the mood (or not in the mood at all) the scene can still turn out alright.

How much I am in the “mood” does not necessarily effect the scene itself.

As always, we can’t live by our emotions.

But….emotions do come in handy and ain’t no one want to be writing a story that stirs absolutely nothing in them. It’s only because we’re passionate about our stories that we write them in the first place, otherwise we would never bother

But we have to write even if we don’t feel like it. Like right now. My brain right now is, “sky is blue. Sun is pretty. Air is cool. DID SOMEONE SAY FALL??”

So we’re just gonna call it a day.

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