Not, gonna lie, I kinda don’t want to see August go. Summer is ending??? What??? We barely got any of it!!! And also all the months were turning into mush, so it feels weird that were actually moving in fall, instead of staying in this weird stalemate which the past few months have felt like. Like…the year is actually progressing normally. This is 2020. Shouldn’t like summer just last the whole year somehow??? Isn’t it still July???


And I got TWO BIG reasons to love this month (besides the forthcoming of Fall):

It’s my birthday month and also the birthday month of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. SO LET THE CELEBRATIONS COMMENCE.

So what happened in August???


HER NAME WAS A GHOST is now being queried. It’s exciting and satisfying to be moving on in this next stage.

I am editing OWWTSF which is starting to feel like another rewrite. Not that I mind. Just that this would be like rewrite number 2. That’s fine. I love this story. I love these characters. And it keeps getting better every time. (I also wrote a nice, detailed outline which 50k in I have kinda derailed.) (Not totally, but I had decided to split a chapter in two, and instead of becoming two chapters in became like four. That’s fine.)


Ha. Ha. HA. *continues to nervously chuckle* I feel like my reading came to a screeching halt this summer. I’m almost done with Indianapolis, and then after I saw Lord of the Rings at the drive-in, I was like, “hey, why don’t I just read it again?” and I did just that. Almost done with Fellowship, and it’s been really pushing my fall mood along.


lol what life. There’s a pandemic.

Goals for September

SURVIVE *cocks flamethrower as I face a horde of zombies*

In reality, pretty much the same old same old. Querying. Editing. I may start outlining for NaNoWriMo (In all honestly I probably should). Fall decorations of course will be going up in a few weeks.

My plan is to write more, read more, as it usually is. Fall always gives me a boost to my writing mood, and I’ve started a habit of reading on weekend mornings and I’m really digging it. It’s such a chill mood. And we all could use some chill lately.

I also have a performance coming up, which even though we’ll be wearing masks and it’ll be outside (which I am actually looking forward to) it will be so good to perform. Because, I have not performed at all in 2020. *had sudden realization and stares confused into camera*

I would have be in two productions by now, performed onstage six times plus performances at schools, etc. Instead I had to dance in my living room with my socks on slightly embossed carpet for like two months. Ew.

So let’s just hope for less ew in September.

Till next time.

How was August for you?? Any good reads?? Exciting or non-exciting plans for September??

2 responses to “Goodbye August HULLO SEPTEMBER”

  1. EEEP! Congratulations on querying???? Dude, that is SUCH a big step, and I’m so proud of you!!

    Also also! You’re getting to PERFORM AGAIN!!! This entire pandemic has been a nightmare, and I feel like, even though it’s still very nightmare-ish, some good things are beginning to happen again. And that makes me happy inside.

    Good luck with all of your September goals! I definitely want to read and write more, as well. It’s a constant struggle. 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHHH THANK YOU!!!!!

      I know, as much as things have been weird and insane, it’s so good to be back to DOING things (even with a mask.)


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