Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 28

Is anyone else getting so used to wearing a mask that you just start forgetting to wear one? Like you walk up to a store, stop, and are just like, “This isn’t right.” And you head back to yourself because you don’t have a mask?

Because yeah, that’s happening to me.

And now our sponsor for the hour *puts on radio voice* Just kidding, we don’t have a sponsor but I want to give a shout-out to ThredUp because if you’re a thrifter but you know, hesitant about going to thrift stores because of germs and all, I just received my order and from them and I – *is bundled in four sweaters holding pumpkins and grabbing my sword off the wall to head off on an adventure* *but like it’s 90 degrees*

I bought four sweaters and THEY ALL FIT???? AND THE PACKAGING WAS REALLY CUTE???

So go buy yourself some new clothes. You know you need to.

So I recently stumbled upon this blog, and at first I was little horrified that at this writing workshop, there were five things the writers could not include in what they wrote: anything fantasy/ supernatural/sci-fi, guns, crying, deus ex machina (honestly kinda shouldn’t be in anything???), or death.

This was in an effort to create drama and conflict through characters, and not typically drama inducing things. So yeah, I can get it. It helps you focus on characters instead of dragons to make your story exciting.

BUT, then I was thinking, “Ok, no guns, no dragons… BUT WHAT ABOUT KNIVES????”

And car chases. Motorcycles chases. ATTEMPTED murder. Bears. SHARKS. Creepy woods. EXPLOSIVES.

So the real lesson here guys is that we need to find more creative ways to add drama besides aliens and guns and death. And there are ways, let me tell you. Don’t give your character a gun. Give them a grenade, a hatchet, a big old sword. There are OPTIONS.

Jousting tournament.

Anyway you get the idea.

(Also a storm is rolling in and it’s really dark and I’m listening to Two Towers “Where is the Horse and the Rider?” and I just *chef’s kiss*)

Well this went all around the world and not back but shot somewhere off into space. So, the question of the day is…


I’m buying sweaters to I’m obviously ready for fall (though another part of me doesn’t want summer to end because….well it’s summer and things are fun and warm and there’s drive-ins and zoos and kayaking adventures.) I’m ready for MOODINESS. Ready to do some BROODING.


I have like a lot of outlining to do (because unlike last year last, I am planning this novel. Though last year worked out very well). I just have like a hundred ideas rolling around in my brain for this story, and a playlist with one song on it. One. Song. HELP. (If you have any songs that fit winter/high fantasy/war/ice/snow queen/snow, drop them in the comments!!!)

Are you planning on doing NaNoWriMo this November??

2 responses to “Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 28”

  1. That’s a really interesting article, I am going to give that a lot of thought.
    Also yes yes yes I can not wait for fall.
    Gimmme please. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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