Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 22

(I must issue my apologies for not posting last Saturday. My brain was going to implode, and I had nothing to say but scream in you faces gibberish such as, “AFHGJLLK” So, I didn’t. If you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all.)

Have’d some adventure recently. Kayaking, more drive-ins (“Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods? Where’s the *train whistles* *chugga chugga* Isn’t there a white knight *car turns off* *Repeat for two hours*.)

Started reading Indianapolis by Lynn and Vincent and Sara Vladic. I’m always up for a good book on WWII and it has really nice chapter lengths!!!! Like they’re short enough to read in one sitting!!!! (I tend to read at dinner or before bed and it’s nice to have something that fits in that time frame)

(For whatever reason, I find it harder to stop in the middle of a chapter in a nonfiction book than fiction, so it’s also helpful that way.)

So, I think, don’t want to jump the gun and say it too soon, but I think I found a name for my MC for my 2020 NaNoWriMo novel *gasps* Now, I just have to name the rest of the cast *face plants on bed*

It’s not Saturday when I write this, it’s Friday. A sunny, Friday afternoon, another sunny day in the long stretch of 90 degree days. (I just. want. a long. dark. day for a change). It’s been a very busy week, with dancing, marketing, and listening to Veggietales (I don’t even know what spurred this but – do you like to talk to tomatoes?). And…desperatly trying to squeeze writing in. Which I have managed to do.

And I only have *checks* 15 more chapters to edit for Lily. Which….is actually a lot. Oh boy. This book is loooooooong. Also the chapters are such sporadic lengths. Like some are 4 pages and some are 11. This is a problem I will fix on a later date. Because once I’m done with this round I’m gonna let it marinate for a while and start editing Oh, Wonder Why the Sun Fell because I’ve been DYING to. (SO MANY IDEAS) (MORE BATTLES) (MORE ANGST)

(And Silver is almost done!!!! Like just 4 chapters!!! And I found comp titles!!!!! Query train here I come!!!! *toot toot* I still don’t have a good title but oh well!!!!) (Actually, I think I might just have thought of one *more gasping* *there is much gasping*)

This has gone ALL OVER the place like wow, but if you take a look at my “office” right now, you would understand. (I have a planner, two notebooks on the floor, I lied, THREE notebooks, some random chargers for various devices, an empty water glass, and a water bottle, and unfolded laundry.)

Maybe….maybe I should go do something about this. *starts writing instead*

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