Finding Time to Write…this one just never gets old

“Time, time time…”

I could go on the usual tangent I go on, talking about how life changes, and the different phases of life you go through, how your life looks different when you get a year older, when you switch jobs, move cities, overthrow an empire…but I’ve said that all before, haven’t I?


I feel like I’m in one of those “new” phases. Of course there’s the global pandemic that has sorta of thrown us all into a “new” phases that none of us asked for but I’m not here to talk about that.

(Short tangent: I’m real sick of people (meaning the news) calling COVID “novel coronavirus”. I’m sick of it. It ain’t “novel” anymore, at least not to us non sciencey people, and honestly I was sick of the phrase from the beginning. What’s “novel” about it? Novel can mean new, but novel usually means “wow! new! different!” and ain’t no one feeling that way except the epidemiologists down in Level 5. Also, there’s a name now for it, so call it COVID-19. It isn’t “the coronavirus” because guess what? There are a lot of coronaviruses. It’s like calling Ebola the “filoviridae” but no one is calling it that because no one can pronounce that and also because guess what? That’s NOT IT’S NAME. IT’S THE FAMILY OF VIRUSES IT’S IN. Please, please call it COVID-19. Thank you)

I have a new job, and new jobs I didn’t have when I had my old job (that doesn’t make sense, but the timeline is just too confusing at this point), so we’ll just get into what I’m struggling with:

Finding time to write, and other things I need to do for my writing “career”. Like working on preparing my query letter, blogging, building my Instagram, researching comp titles. All these little things I find hard to squeeze in, not to mention the actual writing part.

(ugh. I haven’t been working on weekends but maybe doing a few little things wouldn’t be a bad idea. Like writing a blog. I enjoy writing a blog, so why not do it on Saturday????)

Ok, but see what I’m saying? Everything changes all the time. What might have worked for you six months ago, isn’t working now (which is where I am). So I have to find time to write all over again. It sounds really sucky, but that is just sometimes how life goes.

I have noticed that the more precise my schedule is the better (unless of course technology throws me loop with marketing and then the whole thing crashes down, but you now other than that I can keep to a schedule)

The other thing is deciding what things you want to prioritize. And that can be hard. I know at least for me when A LOT of things are priorities and need attention. Because I have FOUR JOBS PEOPLE. FOUR. Marketing, merchandising, dance (which how busy I am with that depends on the season), and Etsy. None of these are full time, But combining all of them can get kinda crazy.

(Why work all these jobs, you ask? Because money and I want to)

So even though writing isn’t technically a job right now because I’m not making any money, I treat it like a job, because if I don’t other things might run it over, but most of all, because I WANT TO.

I WANT writing to be my job. In my ideal world writing WOULD be my job.

Ok so what does this have to do with finding time to write?

One thing NOT to do. Don’t wait for a magical little something to just appear that will magicaly make time for you to write.

(image from tumblr)

YOU have to make time to write. YOU have to decide whether you want to take writing seriously or not. It’s all on you.

And listen, I’m right here right now trying to figure out how I can make my schedule around writing, while my schedule wants everything to be around it. So yes, it’s hard. Yes, sometimes it seems impossible.

But…you just got to do it. (this is really me giving myself a pep talk. Please don’t ask me to give you a pep talk at 11 pm whilst you are lying on your college dorm room floor because I will be NO help. I might give a little hesitant “hooyah??”)

Alright guys, I gotta go.



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