Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 21


Not a ballet class on semi-embossed carpet in my living room. An actual ballet class.

Please understand that this has not happened since like March 13. And even better than taking class, we were at the THEATER (because it’s a lot more roomy than the studio and you know social distancing because germs. Don’t lick the floor). Even sadder, I hadn’t been in a theater, (haven’t done a show) since December.


It’s just, theaters are such magical places? Like it’s kinda cliche but true. Especially when it’s a theater you have performed multiple productions in. You step in and you’re just like AH YES THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS.

Like walking into a bookstore. Except – dare I say – better? Cause it’s more like you’re walking INTO the book.

In other news, I have successfully added not one but two Lord of the Rings references into Lily and I am very proud of myself (and it is only fitting because it’s a Beowulf retelling, and I’ve been using Tolkien’s translation for research so).

Also I just want to gush for a moment of how much I love my characters and that I now have a Triotm and they’re great *cries because spoilers*

Quick movie review: We watched True Grit the other night (the new one. I don’t care if it’s ten years old. It’s the new one). It was – disappointing. And I should have known because of the beginning.

It was the over voice of the older Mattie combined with weirdly Jane Austen like piano music. I loved Mattie and her story and how she got her father’s killer in the end etc. BUT, the ending was just like what?

All of a sudden we switch to the older Mattie and find out Obadiah (I can neither think of the character’s name nor the actor’s name. I know it. It’s there. But all I can think of is him in Iron Man “TONY STARK BUILT THIS IN A CAVE. OUT OF A BOX OF SCRAPS”) and she never saw Mat Damon again and like…that’s the end?? And she’s like “I never married”…do I care? Is it relevant to the story whether she married or not????? WHO CARES.

(Jeff bridges. That’s the actor’s name) (I looked it up)

(I JUST REALIZED. Tom Chaney was played by Josh Brolin. HE’S THANOS. Wow he voice was so different and he was immensely less intimidating )

And the music was just…soooo lackluster. Not like the music for Magnificent Seven that was done by James freaking Horner. (Want to make me cry? Play the Land Before Time music.)

But really I am disappointed because I was getting into it and then the ending just – what happened.

Well this was all over the place welcome to my week. Hey! HAVE A HAPPY 4TH OF JULY.

3 responses to “Saturday Morning Post, Vol. 21”

  1. Like walking into a bookstore. Except – dare I say – better? Cause it’s more like you’re walking INTO the book. —- thank you for this description!! It describes it sooo well!!


  2. Congratulations!! I’m happy you got to dance again!

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