June Wrap Up (didn’t we just do this with May???)

Didn’t I JUST do my May wrap up? And yet, May seems like kinda a long time ago, and June felt like a normalish length month.

(oh hey, my laptop is still moving slow and the words are taking f o r e v e r to show up. Yay *eyes light on fire*)

So, what happened in June????


I editing Silver. I edited Lily. I edited Silver. I edited Lily. Repeat forever.

I started planning my NaNowrimo novel (AHHHHHH) (also, I’m starting to try and name characters and I just *sobs*) (if I ever have to name an actual child it is going to be ROUGH)


Over the past weekend we watch all * the Jurassic Park movies (we didn’t watch Fallen Kingdom because what even was that movie). You might remember from my Saturday post that I went and saw with my sister Jurassic Park at the drive-in (SO COOL). We watched all the others and…

  • The Lost World: I was very disappointed on how they did Sarah Harding because in the book she’s really cool not…annoying. And stupid (and where was the epic raptor/motorcycle chase????)
  • Jurassic Park III: why…did they even make this movie????
  • Jurassic World: compared to the other two, this was AMAZING. Except Claire. I’m sorry, but there’s no woman I know who would still be wearing heels. And the haircut. No.

Overall, there are two main takes I have: all the others lacked what the first one nailed, a good female lead. Laura Dern is amazing and then…the rest sucked. Secondly, Jurassic Park isn’t just a “monster” movie like Godzilla or something. (I feel like Jurassic World did a much better job on this point. It had a plot, used “some” suspense and stuff) The first movie had more of a plot than just “scary dinos eat people” and that’s what made it so good.

Ok let’s move on


I’ve been reading the Pickwick Papers, which, since it’s Dickens, it’s very enjoyable. I also read The Strange Little Adventures of Maia (it was in a fairy tale anthology that I own from the Olive Fairy Book) (olive is such a random color to include as one of the books but I honestly whatever). Most people (meaning me) would know this story as Thumbelina and reading of it I was just like FLASHBACK

She’s so cute with her high pony

I honestly probably haven’t seen this movie since like 2003 or something, but I vividly remember so much of it, like all the weird frogs and beetles that wanted to marry her, and fairy prince and that time when all the beetles (or whatever bugs they were) found out she didn’t have wings and she was MORTIFIED (that was just so sad_)

(I am also finally after like seven years finishing the Maze Runner trilogy but we are gonna leave that for later because FEELINGS. I do just want to share though that Minho’s the best cuz-

(right after Thomas gets shot) Blondie had been tackled to the ground. Someone was punching the living crap out of him.



The incredibles GIF on GIFER - by Fearlessshaper

Not much to report. Situation normal. So let’s go ahead and wrap up this wrap up.

On to July to blow off some firecrackers or something (Welcome to America where fireworks go off endlessly from June to the end of September)

5 responses to “June Wrap Up (didn’t we just do this with May???)”

  1. I used to love Thumbelina! I should read the story now. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Do it!! I think also there’s a Hans Christian Anderson version too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ooo ok, I’ll look it up. ;)


  2. Naming characters is HARD. Good luck XD

    I honestly feel like June went by so fast? What even HAPPENED.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks XD

      Yeeeees, every month now I feel like I look back and just have NO idea what happened. It’s all mooshing together in one long month of 2020.

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