Saturday Morning Post, Vol 19

Getting back to normal.

But what the heck is normal? Is normal good? Do we even want to get back to normal?

I do want to get back to normal BUT *and here we’re gonna hold this thought* *also yes to normal meaning I want to be able to leave the house without reasonably worrying I will catch the plague*

I started a new job this week (uhhh..last week) (I actually got hired like back in like March but then you know COVID happened and here we are). It’s a part time merchandising job (I LOVE it. Merchandising is like the best thing ever).

So now I’m actually going to work. (I’ve still been doing plenty of work, but everything’s been at home. Except going to the post office for Etsy), it kinda feels like normal.

And so this is what brings up this thought.

I’m not going to dig into the merits of what was “normal” or “going back to normal” or “what the heck even is normal.” Our lives are always changing, and it never goes back to what it was before. It’s just things are a lot more dramatic when you know there’s a pandemic. Like if a meteor hit earth “going back to normal” is a lot more impossible than little day to day changes like buying a new car.

I think the biggest thing about the whole “going back to normal” is the waiting. Like we’re all just waiting for things to go back to a certain way before things go on. Life was put on pause and —————

I don’t want to press the “hold” button my life, even though in some ways it was, in other ways it wasn’t.

Life isn’t on hold. Time is still ticking (not to stress anyone out).

This is one of the reason (I’ve mentioned this before; I’ll mention it again) (I keep doing this, I’m just repeating myself)

I’m am THANKFUL I’m a writer, because I can still write. Pandemic or not, I’m writing.

But I’m also a dancer, and dance companies are having a HECK of a time trying to figure how to – you know, keep dancing. When you can’t be in a studio. When you can’t perform in a theater. When you can’t be around people when dance is like – a very peoplely thing.

Like how on earth can you partner someone in a pandemic and you’re like, “here like be press my sweaty body right against your sweaty body and breath in your face inches away.” Yeah, not gonna work. Plus the whole exercising spreads germs faster thing.

And the news is all over the place on when a vaccine is coming out, or even IF we’ll ever have a vaccine (apparently corona-viruses are very hard to create vaccines for due to them mutating so rapidly *nervous laughter*). So who knows how long we’ll be here *gestures vaguely around*

I’m still writing. I’m still reading. I’m still creating things.

ANNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDD I have like already plotted my NaNoWriMo 2020 novel. Like a paragraph outline. Well half a paragraph outline. Either way I was going on a walk and all of sudden DING DING DING DING the ideas were coming and there I was typing on my phone as fast as I could (yes, I was one of THOSE people on the phone while taking a walk).

So much for enjoying the scenery. (but isn’t that what walks are FOR? INSPIRATION???). I hurriedly wrote a title down Snow Queen, Ice Palace, Red Heart, which at first sounded fine and now…now it sounds kinda dumb but whatever. It’s not that bad. Maybe if we cut the ice palace part out.

Is there anyone else out there already planning for NaNo???? Am I the only one???

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  1. Congratulations on getting a new job! I hope outlining goes well!

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