We got over Vol. 13 so now we’re onto lucky number Vol. 14. Featuring our host, Bilbo Baggins.


I’ve started listening to the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe soundtrack (like, I used to listen to it a lot waaay back when as a child) and I love The Battle and that clicking wood smacking sound in the background (you know what I mean???)

Summer is finally HERE and it’s gonna stay above 60 DEGREES. But with that my allergies are getting worse. *catch me lying on the floor with a wet towel over me eyes*

brain cloud
yes, I still have it

What happened this week? I dOn’t RemEMbER. Oh, I finished line edits for Lily and watched A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood in which I related very much to Daniel Tiger and I LOVE how all the traveling was shown with miniature airplanes and cities and cars and it was so MAGICAL. (Also apparently there’sΒ  now a cartoon Daniel Tiger????? Excuse me but nothing beats that little raggedy puppet).

Oh, and I finally got a mask. It’s black (surprise, surprise) so now I’ll either look like a bank robber, an assassin, or the Winter Soldier (which…I mean that’s the same thing).

Hmm, what other dull trifles might I bore you with today??

Nothing. Cause nothing happens anymore *eyes twitch*

How was your week?



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