Saturday Morning Post Vol. 14

We got over Vol. 13 so now we’re onto lucky number Vol. 14. Featuring our host, Bilbo Baggins.


I’ve started listening to the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe soundtrack (like, I used to listen to it a lot waaay back when as a child) and I love The Battle and that clicking wood smacking sound in the background (you know what I mean???)

Summer is finally HERE and it’s gonna stay above 60 DEGREES. But with that my allergies are getting worse. *catch me lying on the floor with a wet towel over me eyes*

brain cloud
yes, I still have it

What happened this week? I dOn’t RemEMbER. Oh, I finished line edits for Lily and watched A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood in which I related very much to Daniel Tiger and I LOVE how all the traveling was shown with miniature airplanes and cities and cars and it was so MAGICAL. (Also apparently there’s  now a cartoon Daniel Tiger????? Excuse me but nothing beats that little raggedy puppet).

Oh, and I finally got a mask. It’s black (surprise, surprise) so now I’ll either look like a bank robber, an assassin, or the Winter Soldier (which…I mean that’s the same thing).

Hmm, what other dull trifles might I bore you with today??

Nothing. Cause nothing happens anymore *eyes twitch*

How was your week?



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